Parents have to go through a lot of emotions when their kid has to go to school for the first time. They are probably more tense, apprehensive as well as worried than the kid himself. The reason is simple, they do not want their kid to be uncomfortable in any kind of environment.

Nevertheless, putting aside the nervousness and fear that they have to deal with while sending the kid to school for the first time, the excitement of buying new shoes, clothes and school bag is definitely overwhelming. However, the process of buying new school stuff for the kid for the first time is not as easy as most of the people might assume it to be.


Buying such stuff for the first time can seriously make you panicky especially when it comes to buying the school shoes. You would not want to end up with a bad quality shoe that would make your child feel uncomfortable throughout his first day at school. Therefore, if you are about to buy the first school shoes for your kid, this article is here for your help.

1) Know the exact shoe number

If you haven’t taken your kid out with you for shopping, you might assume his foot size by yourself and will buy a shoe with a hypothetical number. This is WRONG. Buying the wrong size of the shoe will not only make him uncomfortable while walking in it but might also end up causing harm to his feet.

A shoe having a smaller size than your kid’s actual size might lead to scars and injuries. On the other hand, a bigger shoe will make it difficult for him to walk around the school during his first day.

2) Avoid heals

If you have a girl child, you might want to buy a shoe having small heals in it as it would make her appear different from others. Do not do that! No matter how pretty a shoe with a heal appears to be, don’t settle for it as it would have a negative effect on the growth system of the kid.

Not only this but she would also find it difficult to walk around and carry the heels. Go for the simple ones having no height at all.

3) Avoid the shimmery ones!

Every parent wants to make his kid look different from others. This makes most of the people way too excited and they end up buying the shoes that are fancy and shimmery. You need to avoid doing that as it might be a source of embarrassment for the kid as the shoe might turn out to be way more different from the ones his fellows are wearing.