The coronavirus outbreak has made the whole world confine at safer places. People all around the globe are advised to stay inside their houses and limit their social contact as much as possible. As much as this scenario is a thing to rejoice for all the introverts, it surely is a source of great annoyance for the extroverts.

All the planned parties have now been canceled, and all the weddings have been postponed. The tickets for all the international vacations have also been returned, and people are forced to stay in their houses. No matter how annoying it may feel, it surely is the need of the hour.

So, in order to make this state of quarantine a bit more exciting and productive, here are a few things that you can indulge in:

Watch All The New Seasons

Now that the holiday time has begun and you can not step out of your house, it is time to watch all the seasons that you had been wanting to binge since long. All the TV shows that your hectic work routine didn’t let you watch can now be seen, thanks to the free time you have now received. If there is nothing on your list, you should go for the much-acclaimed series Money Heist. It has come with three seasons by now, with the fourth one underway.

Read The Best-Sellers

The holiday season is surely a thing to rejoice for all those people who love to read books. It is also true that during the day to day hectic work schedule, it is not easy for even a book lover to take some moments out and read the newly published book. Nonetheless, now with all the free time in hand and no possibility to go out, read the new books you have been stocking up for a while. Just prepare a hot cup freshly brewed coffee, snuggle on your couch and read your favorite author!

Opt For Some Home-Spa

Pampering oneself is a distant dream in this era of never-ending house chores.  It feels like a huge burden for a job holder to opt for self-pampering. Now that most of your time is free, it’s time to give your poor skin some relief. Opt for some do-it-yourself techniques and rejuvenate your skin. Once the quarantine is over, you will be able to go back to your office with fresh and radiating skin.

Talk To Your Old Friends

Meeting your friends ‘physical’ is not a possibility at this point in time. However, it surely is easy to call all your school, college and university friends and talk with them for long hours. You will be able to share with them all the good and bad phases of life. This will definitely rejoice you to a great level at this time of distress and diseases spread around. Just find your old contacts diary and dial up the numbers of your long-forgotten friends!