After a certain age, you need to get things sorted. You need to stop depending on your elder sister and her closet. You can’t keep using your mum’s makeup. You definitely need to plan things for emergencies. There are lots of things you can’t live without. But there are a few things that you must own in order to survive. Here is a list to help you out:

The shoes that can take you everywhere

There are always moments of absolute rush. When everything happens so fast you just aren’t sure what to do so you just mess stuff up. For instance, when you find your friend hanging by the railing of your balcony insisting you to sneak out. You can hear mum’s footsteps so you jump out immediately because what else could you have done?

In the haste of the speeding moments, you actually run out wearing your flip-flops. Had only your red sneakers been around, you wouldn’t have had to stay in the car while your friends shopped. This is why you must own a pair of “everywhere” shoes. Can be sneakers or platform heels, but that pair must be your main. Never should it be partying in the shoe rack with fellow shoes but it should be in plain sight.

The handbag that has it all

Our mums have that black leather bag that is always filled with essential take-alongs for a reason. Because they know that in times of need belongings won’t walk to the bag and tuck themselves inside. Because mothers have a lot of experience. They keep this one ready handbag around so that in times of hustle-bustle, they just have to take the bag and their cellphone. That’s it.

Instant transformation magic potion

Yeah, by that I mean makeup. We all have some makeup essentials, some quick tricks to get the right look. No one wants to miss out on sudden plans just because they think they are not looking fresh enough. But that happens a lot. The culprit: YOU. Not having your most-reached-for makeup stuff right on the dressing table, all decided and set for such situations is your own mistake.

That one wardrobe essential for the week

Every Sunday you must decide what you need to keep handy. It can be a black and white tee, or a leather jacket, a cheetah print scarf or just a pair of jeans. Because when the opportunity of slipping outdoors arises you don’t want to be in your pajamas. You need at least one outfit ready because no one has the time to fish through the closet at the last moment. If life would have been as easy for women, there would have been just one gender: men.

That one hair appliance without which you look barbaric

Well, not all of us are blessed with cooperative hair. Some of us depend on hair irons and dryers like sick patients rely on the drip. What? it’s not our mistake. And you know how you can conquer the world with amazing hair, right? So you better be prepared every single time. Keep your basic hair tools around just in case all the time. Even if you don’t have time to use it, you’d at least have the consolation that you tried.

Heavenly fragrance for keeping embarrassing moments behind bars

So okay, you need a lot of things to stay clean and smell better than pizza but you must have your deodorant and perfume around at all times. It’s not just that, there must also always be gum or mouth freshener with you round the clock. Pro tip: never even tell your friends that you have gum. They’ll snatch it all and leave you with nothing.