December 9, 2021

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Things are already moving for the iPhone 12, the best deals

Black Friday Apple iPhone 2021. Black Week launch this Friday. With black silver approaching, can we already take advantage of the reduced prices on the latest iPhones? The answer has been yes since the first ads appeared on the iPhone 12!

[Mis à jour le 19 novembre 2021 à 15h24] Black Friday is celebrated in France on November 26 this year. And iPhones, like every year, are being explored very closely by consumers in search of rare pearls. With the releaseIPhone 13A few weeks before Black Friday, many hopes were placed on the iPhone 12, but its predecessors were the iPhone 11, SE or XR. Among the major offers that have already been in circulation for a few days, we can take advantage of the reduction of the iPhone 13 (yes, the latest iPhone) by a few tens of euros.

But the iPhone 12 is well presented with real ads in this approach Black Friday 2021. Let’s say: Apple’s iPhone 12 will be the star of Black Friday 2021. All versions of the iPhone 13 are now available, and with the arrival of the last two models of the iPhone 13 mini and 12 Pro Max in early November, we bet on the remarkable ads of its predecessor released last year. With this I was able to find the high quality version called iPhone 12 Pro 128GB this Friday, November 19th in the early morning at a good price. benefits you from this Good plan, CD discount site is valid. Less than 1000 euros can be found on Rakuten or Amazon.

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The best products

We have decided to keep an eye on the prices of many iPhones throughout Black Friday. Here are the Apple smartphones we should not miss. The prices below are very low with our partners and are constantly updated:

Good contract alerts

Here are the latest daily offers we found on the internet for Apple iPhones. These alerts will be updated frequently throughout the day. Be careful, smartphone prices change very quickly during Black Friday!

And that’s just the beginning! Apple fans and consumers looking for a low-cost performance smartphone should start paying attention as these ads are expected to accelerate and intensify in the coming days. It is necessary to review the iPhone “deals” on Black Friday this weekend and throughout the next week. Apple can offer big discounts on previous models. We also need to keep a close eye on iPhone SE (or iPhone SE2) prices released in April 2019. Not to forget the regular ads on AirPods, it is necessary or almost to use his iPhone. If you want to take advantage of the first black silver offers, do not hesitate to visit the various sites that participate in the process.

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What deals are there on the iPhone 13 before Black Friday?

Like every edition, Black Silver comes more or less two months after the release of this year’s new iPhone 13. We can only imagine that Apple’s new jewelry would not benefit from the best discount. However, a few dozen euros can already be saved, especially on SFR or Rakuten:

What are the offers on iPhone 12 for Black Silver?

The iPhone 12 was launched a year ago, and Apple’s smartphone offerings were much lower than last Black Friday, with only a few euros being “scratched” on the iPhone 12 by 2020, when Bingo will become more numerous in 2020.

If you want to update your price tag before Black Friday 2021, you can buy the iPhone 12 Mini Red 64 GB a short distance away from the event from many resellers already for more than 600 euros for 620 to 650 euros. Raguden. The 128GB iPhone 12 shows 777 euros on Fnac and 859 euros at most resellers, while the iPhone 12 Pro 128GB is often under 1000 euros. The iPhone 12 Pro Max still sells for a hundred euros (prices may vary).

What are the offers on Apple iPhone 11 for Black Silver?

Last Black Friday’s most anticipated phone was the iPhone 11. While discounts on the iPhone 11 Pro Max have already been seen in 2020, the latter is subject to more concessions during “Black Friday”. We do not expect the device to cross its first anniversary. The best deals went to the iPhone 11 64GB and its 128GB big brother. What is this year? The iPhone 11 will definitely be one of the most coveted products during Black Friday. Two months before the “black silver” version 2021, the iPhone 11 was below 64GB 600 euros, while the iPhone 11 128GB was 639 euros. A few days before Black Friday, Black Week allows you to find it for 590 euros.

What are the offers on iPhone X, XR or 8 or 7 during Black Friday?

If your primary goal is to find the cheapest iPhone in black and silver, deals for the iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone XS may be the most appealing to you this year. Although the iPhone X is generally less available, it was still new to many marketers because it was not manufactured during the last Black Friday.

As for the iPhone 7 and 8, their shares have shrunk in recent years, but they are still popular. To find them at merchants like Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger you need to go back to the versions that were opened / updated during Black Friday. But be careful: if you buy an upgraded smartphone, in other words, make sure the used model has been re-checked by the manufacturer or dealer.

What are the benefits of Black Silver on iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE, perhaps even better than the iPhone 11, received much cheaper offers during the last edition of Black Silver. As we have already seen, Apple does not hesitate to lower the price of these mid-range iPhones during this type of business process, as the flagship technologies of the latest model are in the old format (note the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. SE).

In mid-October 2021, the iPhone SE dropped below யூ 500 on its 64 GB version. The 128 GB version was priced at 9 539 by most Apple resellers.

Is Apple still cautious during Black Friday?

In recent years, Apple has been somewhat relaxed when it comes to advertising activities and especially black silver, which has been slow to adhere to the Apple brand. The almost historic deal, signed with Amazon three years ago, has brought iPhones in full to the biggest merchant participating in Black Silver. Another encouraging signal this year for Black Friday: Apple announced the release of the iPhone 13 on September 17, two months before the 2021 edition.

Apple fans or consumers expecting a high performance smartphone at a low price should focus on this black silver. If deals are already available, it may also be necessary to review the iPhone Black Friday deals on Saturdays, November 27th and 28th, as Black Friday weekends are often more of offers. Monday, November 30, Traditional Day “Cyber ​​Monday“, Of course, will provide even better opportunities.