When I was a kid, I always wanted to grow up.

I didn’t know it was a trap.

And now, I feel trapped.

Trapped in the web of responsibilities with not finding any way out of it.

When I discussed this with my mom, she looked straight into my eyes and..


Yes, you heard that right. All my problems of adulting made her feel that I am over-reacting and these things are really not something to stress about.

Do you also feel like there are so many things that you hate about adulting?

Making My Own Food:


Ever since I have moved out, making or arranging my own food has been my biggest problem.

There are so many times when I don’t really want to get out of the bed and cut those damn veggies.

And whenever I start relying on Maggi and outside food way too much, I end up ruining my stomach.

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Even as I am writing this and ranting to you about how much I hate washing my clothes, there is a huge pile of my unwashed, dirty cloths right in front of me on the sofe.

I have no idea from where one gets that courage which aids him in picking the pile up, sorting it colour-wise and put into the washing machine.

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Leaving Netflix:

Having a bowl filled with my favourite snacks and the Netflix right in front of me is pure bliss.

But, there is just one problem: I don’t know where to stop!

There are so many seasons that I want to watch but there is no enough time. I mean, if I don’t go to work, who is gonna pay for my subscription?

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Paying Bills:

Paying the bills is the worst.

I mean, when you are paid peanuts, how do you really spare all the money for entertainment.

Most of the times, I am broke at the end of the month.

And, honestly, this sucks.

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However, I am learning with time. Though it is full of challenges, it is surely not impossible. Hopefully, with time, I will be able to ace this transition in life successfully.

What do you say?