Instagram is the go-to platform for keeping an eye on all your favorite celebrities. Whether it be for staying in the know of their latest shows and music or for updating oneself with all their new pictures, Insta is where fans get their required scoop. The platform that houses several accounts has become a connecting bridge between lives.

Thanks to the stories feature, followers get to know what their favorite people are doing at all times. Insta has also become a gossip column where romances are finalized, and comments tell more than the pictures themselves.

That said, there are some people who get more attention on Instagram than others. Wondering which? We’ve compiled a list of the 8 most followed female celebrities on Instagram. Read on to know which Hollywood divas dominate the picture-sharing platform.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez tops the list of not only the most followed female celebrity on Instagram but also the most followed person on the social media channel. This multi-talented lady has garnered fans by showing off all her talents; she’s a singer song-writer, an actress, and an ambassador. Through the platform, the Wolves singer doesn’t only tell fans about her upcoming music, but she also keeps them in the know of her collaborations with brands.

Gomez takes to the platform to show pictures of her recent campaigns be it with Puma or Coach. But it’s not all professional; fans also get to catch the photographs of her everyday life. She recently shared pictures of her 26th birthday bash and fetched the most likes ever! Before that she declared that she was living a chill life hanging out with her Disney co-star David Henrie.

Ariana Grande



Following Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande is second on the list of the female celebs with the most followers. In the list of the most followed celebrities, both male and female, Grande takes third position right behind Cristiano Ronaldo. Ari uses the platform to share her latest performances and whereabouts with fans. She recently released her new album Sweetener, bits and pieces of which can also be seen on her Insta account.

A scroll through her Instagram account shows that this girl is totally head over heels in love with her boyfriend and fiancée Pete Davidson. She has posted a dozen or more of his pictures since the couple announced earlier this year that they were dating. Grande’s Instagram is usually the first place where people also spot her latest hair transformation.


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This 36-year-old songstress might not be one to post all too frequently, but her followers wait for her when she doesn’t. She’s the third most followed female on the network where she posts pictures of her performances. One thing we’ve noticed: if you want to raise your glam game and are looking for styling inspiration, hers is the account you must follow. Queen Bey is generous when it comes to sharing her looks and man, she looks like a true slay queen.

Recently, she also shared some snaps of the vacation she went on with her family. In the photos, Beyoncé can be seen with Jay-Z, looking stunning as ever. Another person worth spotting on her account? Her daughter Blue Ivy. This little girl has more style than that of all of us combined. Got that from her momma, eh?

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian


Kim K had to be on this list. The style icon who has her own reality show has both fans and haters following her, keeping a keen eye on her. One would assume, her high number of followers has to do with her sassy personality and one-of-a-kind selfies. But that’s not the only two things people care about. The businesswomen also keeps fans updated with her latest beauty and fragrance products through her Instagram.

Other than that, the audience can catch a lot more about her life through her snapchat and Instagram channels. It’s pretty obvious that people cannot get enough of her and her family. It’s no secret that a huge portion of the American population is obsessed with Kim Kardashian and her family’s show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kylie Jenner


Surprisingly, Kylie’s follower count is less than that of her sister Kim Kardashian. Jenner does definitely earn more at a much younger age than Kim. Through her social media influence, Kylie doesn’t only share snaps of her personal life and her photoshoots, but she also keeps fans in the know of her upcoming products and offers. Jenner’s social media influence is pretty strong. Her audience comprises tweens and teens unlike that of Kim K.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder has herself admitted that she owes her success to Instagram and other social platforms that connect her to her fanbase. Did you know that for a single post on her Insta Kylie charges the most money? She also used to post pictures of her baby girl Stormi until she stopped doing so for security reasons.

Taylor Swift

Gigi Hadid Taylor Swift
Credit: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Taylor Swift has been a super famous singer for a long time now. Her music is one that fans across the globe feel a connection with. No wonder, she’s among the eight most followed celebrities on Instagram. Lately, she has been big on sharing pictures from her reputation tour. She’s keeping fans updated with all that is going down. The star also uses the platform to make announcements regarding her music and all.

Other than work, fans get to know Taylor also has some killer dance moves. She is not shy when it comes to posting videos of her moving to the beat. Also, if you are a follower of this famed singer, you’d be knowing that she also loves cats from all the many pictures that she shares of her cats and kittens. How adorable, no?

Kendall Jenner


Another member of the Kar-Jenner clan is also on this list. Kendall Jenner is the seventh most followed female celebrity on the platform. There she shares a whole lot of images of hers with her family and friends. She also posts photos of her modelling campaigns. And because she is a dedicated model, we also get to catch a glimpse of her model friends on her Instagram. Bella Hadid is often seen on Kendall’s Insta page.

However, compared to her sisters, we see a lot less dramatic activity on her Instagram. Apart from pictures from her photoshoots and those with her model friends including Cara Delevingne, Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and more, Kendall also shares pictures with her sisters. Kylie appears on her Insta the most.

Nicki Minaj


The eighth most followed female celebrity on Instagram as of now is Nicki Minaj. This rapper has collected her followers by delivering hit after hit. On her Instagram profile you can find several pictures of her giving mind-blowing performances. Minaj also shares snaps of her rocking unique outfits and those gorgeous looks of hers. Want to be the first one to know about her upcoming music? Follow her on the picture-sharing app.

Nicki Minaj might have been outed by Travis Scott on the charts recently but there’s no denying that she has a pretty strong hold in her field. She’s one to share her wins with her fans on social media. Minaj’s social platform is filled with updates regarding her musical standing.

That compiles our list of the 8 most followed female celebs on Instagram. These Hollywood stars sure have a huge fan-following!