Who wants to grow old within no time? No one. However, there are some habits and foods that can make the clock tick faster for you. These include the following:

1 – Items that are too salty

Consuming foods that are high in salt is not good for you even if you are not a high blood pressure patient. You see, too much salt is bad for you also because of its ability to make the body retain water which makes you look swollen.

This is why it is recommended to not eat foods that have a high salt content before an important event because the water retention caused can make your face appear bloated. One way you can combat this negative side effect is by drinking lots of water to encourage urination and reduce water retention.

2 – Foods that have been deep fried

It can be difficult to part ways with chicken nuggets, French fries, samosas, and the like but if you want you look and feel youthful for a long time, it’s best you skip these foods and choose healthier alternatives. Firstly, because deep fried foods come with almost no nutritional value.

Secondly, they typically contains trans fats which are not healthy. And lastly, because deep fried foods are loaded with calories which can contribute to an awful lot of weight gain. An increase in pounds can make not only reduce the life of your skin but they can also cause joint problems among other health issues.

3 – Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol doesn’t benefit your health all that much and on top of that, it also makes you age faster. What alcohol does is that mugs your skin of hydration, leaving it dry and wrinkly. Beverages that contain alcohol can also trigger acne breakouts and blemishes.

Moreover, alcohol also makes you gain weight which makes your body age faster. It disrupts the working of the liver and allows toxins to get collected which can have a bad impact on your body and your skin. Toxin accumulation can make your skin appear pasty colored and increase your pore size. It can also cause free radical damage which can hamper cell regeneration.

4 – Sugary laden foods

Eatables and beverages that comprise of a rich quantity of white sugar are harmful for the body and can facilitate faster aging. This is because sugar can cause skin problems like acne. What happens is that sugar forms into AGEs which damage collagen, the building block of skin.

Sugar makes the skin less elastic and it also dehydrates it which can birth fine lines and wrinkles. This is why it is best to switch from sugary foods to one’s that are not too sweetened. If you’re craving something sweet, reach for fruits in the place of desserts.

5 – Sodas like Coca Cola

Sodas and other such soft drinks can also make you grow old faster. This is because sodas contain sugar which can dehydrate skin. They also contain way too many calories which can make you put on a lot of weight.

What’s more, sodas and other such drinks contains acids and other such compounds which can damage your teeth. Discolored or decayed teeth also make you appear older. A better option? Natural fruit juices or fizzy water which don’t contain any components other than compressed carbon dioxide.

6 – Processed meats

Processed meats such as bacon and sausages can also fast-forward your body’s aging process. This is because they are packed with high-fat proteins. They contain saturated fats as well as some trans fats. This enables them to adversely impact your cholesterol and blood lipid levels.

This, in turn, causes not only weight gain but also inflammation. Since the processing of high-fat proteins is demanding and time-consuming, the rest of your body can be left deprived of energy and nutrition. Moreover, processed meats also contain sodium and sulfite which cause dehydration and weaken collagen. This takes a toll on both your skin and overall body.

7 – Eatables rich in saturated fats

Foods that are an abundant source of saturated fats such as cheese and red meat can be harmful for your health as they can make you look way older than you are. This is because they cause inflammation which can lead to a number of health problems.

They also lead to weight gain which is accompanied by increased risk of heart disease, arthritis, and other problems. Combine these high fat foods with sugar and the clock will tick even faster for you. Hence, replace these foods with lean protein alternatives such as chicken and keep the intake of saturated fats lower than moderate.

8 – Fried potatoes

Who is not addicted to fries? Unfortunately, potatoes are not good for our health because they offer nothing but calories. They contain trans fatty acids which trigger inflammation. Potatoes are made in oils that impair cell respiration and weaken immunity as well.

Potatoes eventually breakdown in sugar and we’ve discussed above that sugar is harmful and encourages fast aging. While changing into sugar they also use important minerals and hence, result in the formation of wrinkles.

9 – Too Much Caffeine

Drinking cup on cup of coffee is not recommended because of caffeine’s diuretic properties. This means caffeine excretes fluids and reduces moisture content in the body, leaving one dehydrated. This can make your skin look older as it becomes dehydrated and dull.

However, some research also says that caffeine can reduce the impacts of aging as it can reduce inflammation which can cause faster aging. So, your goal shouldn’t be to stop drinking coffee but to consume it in moderate amounts.

To sum up, there are several foods that you should either eat in less quantity or you should stop their intake because of they can make you age faster. These include sugar, processed meat, sodas, salty food, etc.