They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but clearly they are much more than that. A beautiful pair of eyes can win a conversation, a heart, even an opportunity. Talking about eyes, there are just so many celebrities out there who have the most pleasing-to-look-at sets.

In fact, when it comes to Hollywood, there are just too many beautiful faces to pick one. However, there are those that have come to be known as the most appealing ones. After all, it’s the audience that decides whom it finds more gorgeous than the rest of the crowd.

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of the most-loved eyes among celebs by their watchers. Here are 12 actors and actresses who have eyes so pretty, they can pierce through!

1 – Alexandra Daddario


The Baywatch actress is widely known for her stunning looks. From her dark locks and luminous skin to her gorgeous figure, Alexandra Daddario is easily one of the prettiest women in the industry. Her deep blue eyes are not just known for their color but also for their wide-open shape. The 33-year-old’s eyes are lined by long lashes which is another reason why they stand out.

2 – Jake Gyllenhaal


He’s not just a versatile actor but also has a charming personality and beautiful looks. Jake Gyllenhaal has big blue-green eyes which he really knows how to play with. No wonder he was cast as the prince of Persia – the Spiderman: Far from Home actor is of Swedish American descent, but his eyes did make him a good candidate.

3 – Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is another female celebrity who is known for her eyes. The Friends with Benefits actress has perfectly striking doe-eyes that are brown-hazel-green in color. She doesn’t even need kohl to accentuate her eyes, but undoubtedly even the slightest of eye makeup servers her already-gorgeous eyes well. Not to mention, her brows are oh-so-wow too!

4 – Michael B. Jordan


Michael’s dimples and his ripped physique are not his own assets. The Black Panther actor also has killer eyelashes. His brown eyes suit his dark skin tone, but what makes them truly attractive are his curled lashes. Thanks to all his boy-from-next-door features yet his manly demeanor, Michael B. Jordan is a big hit among the ladies.

5- Zooey Deschanel


Yet another blue-eyed queen, Zooey Deschanel is known for both her bangs and her eyes and well, she knows it. The actress has the cutest features with eyes that are so blue they seem haunted to some! Let’s not forget that you can also attribute the beauty of her eyes to their shape. Deschanel’s has big eyes. Even without makeup, she’s absolutely beautiful.

6 – Henry Cavill


Did you know that Henry Cavill’s eyes both have different colors? It’s true. Though his right eye is a prominent blue, the Superman actor’s left eye is both blue and brown. Some say he is the most handsome male celebrity out there. However, Henry himself disagrees. According to him, there are a lot of men more good looking than him out there.

7 – Amanda Seyfried


Known for her character in Mean Girls, Amanda is famous not just for her capturing acting but her breathtaking, innocent looks. Amanda has green eyes which are so big, you could get lost in them. The actress’s eyes are also expressive which is what makes them so prominent. Paired with a healthy-lipped smile, Seyfried is one pretty girl.

8 – Tom Hiddleston


His character Loki is mischievous, but his eyes are the exact opposite – warm, kind, and captivating. Tom Hiddleston is popular for his ace acting skills, and absolutely British style. For years people remained confused about his true eye color. Is it blue or green? The actor himself says they’re blue but the light and color he wears tend to influence the severity of his actual eye color. Incredible, no?

9 – Gigi Hadid

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Her eyes are so pretty, even her ex-boyfriend got a tattoo of them on his chest! Gigi Hadid’s eyes are blueish green even though they typically appear more green than blue. The color matches her blonde mane perfectly and her eyebrows make her sexy eyes look even more striking. No wonder she’s one of the top models around.

10 – Colton Haynes


They say his eyes are blue, but they’re surely more deceptive than that. The actor’s gorgeous big eyes look even better because of his flawless skin, brown hair, pearly smile, and sharp jawline. Colton Haynes may be officially off the market, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fanboys and fangirls pining over him.

11 – Katherine Langford


She gained popularity with 13 Reasons Why and though her character often annoyed people, the actress herself became an instant hit. People also become immediate fans of her beauty as it is evident that Katherine is a natural. One of her prettiest features are her eyes, which are grey blue but often appear green.

12 – Zayn Malik

zayn malik


Fans of One Direction who have followed the former bandmate, Zayn Malik, since olden days have always loved his eyes. Malik has a pair that is basically brown in color but sometimes it also appears to be green. Moreover, the Dusk till Dawn singer has dark, thick, and curled lashes which make his already pretty eye color more prominent. One of a kind, that’s how you can describe Zayn’s eyes!

So, that was our list of the celebs with the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. Which of these do you like the best? And which other names do you think deserve to make it to this list? Tell us in the comments!