Kim Kardashian is a wizard; that’s the only reasonable explanation that pops in mind when you look at her brewing one concoction after another. Only recently did she release new makeup products in collaboration with Mario Dedivanovic and her next drop already has a date. Her brands spit new products one on top of another like magic, thus proving her unquestionably fierce skills as a businesswoman.

The Instagram account of KKW Fragrances posted a message with the caption reading “COMING SOON 04.30” making fans scream with delight! Looks like there’s a new scent coming our way in just a week’s time! And from the picture that was shared, it’s pretty obvious that her next perfume after Kimoji Fragrances would be all about beachy-summer vibes. Right on time, Kim.

In the image, a sand-made body pretty artistically embossed on the shore can be seen. We can bet that Kim K’s sculpted figure but who knows? With the release of this new fragrance just a week away, we’re expecting the details to be unveiled sooner. So really, there’s not much waiting involved here.

One thing that we all know despite knowing? The perfume, it’s packaging, and it’s marketing, are all going to be incredible. Remember the hype that was involved in her last two perfume drops, how gorgeous the press packages sent to celebrities were? Worth emptying your wallet for. Talking about wallets, the love for all products Kar-Jen, and their nonstop drops, one fan wrote on Twitter something that resonated with everyone.

“STOOOOPPPP!!! Between KKW×MARIO, & KYLIE+KOURT, & now whatever this is, I CAN’T lol. Ya’ll need to give people a chance to collect/save up for your stuff before launching new things, & so close to your siblings releases!!! I’m soooo poor lol.” Understandable. Is it a perfume though, or is it a body spray? Only time can tell.