Avengers: Endgame is shattering records worldwide but that’s not all that it’s breaking – the fourth Avengers film is also ripping hearts into two as fans are forced to say their goodbyes to Iron Man. Though the mega blockbuster stretched frowns across people’s faces when it didn’t show any end credits scene, it does have something special in store for fans – a glimpse of the MCU without Iron Man. Or will it not be without the genius Tony Stark?

Before your heart starts watering its seeds of hopes that Iron Man will somehow be restored to life, know that these are just theories. Basically, the Spiderman: Far from Home trailer shows a suited Iron Man, and this is what is making people hypothesize. Will Tony Stark be a part of the upcoming Spiderman movie? Chances are, Mr. Stark has left some video clips for the teen superhero and that’s all of him that would be left.

But, there’s another theory too, which involves the comeback of the multimillionaire genius. Some people think that it is very possible that Iron Man from another universe, another timeline will visit Spider Man. After all, Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal in Spidey’s second installment does say that he is from another universe, and has landed on Spiderman’s earth because of a rip in the multiverse caused by the Avengers themselves in an attempt to undo Thanos’ destruction of half the population of the planet.

However, looking at the Mysterio from the comics, it’s possible that this one is a liar too and there is no multiverse. Also, the possibilities are as thin as a thread here because Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man doesn’t have a contract with Marvel anymore. It has been clearly stated that Endgame was his last Avengers movie. However, it would be a mind-blowing surprise by the Russo brothers to bring Iron Man back. It is possible that this movie’s Iron Man scene has been shot before the contract expired and there is another contract signing in the works.

While Iron Man can just exist in a hologram or bust in from another timeline, it can also be that he’ll live on in the form of Artificial Intelligence. This way, Tony Stark’s genius will also continue on. About the other characters who have been put to rest, it is unlikely of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff to make a comeback. But then again, this is sci-fi movie we’re talking about and there’s too much space for a resurrection. Nat could be back, and the resurrection of her character can be done in the upcoming solo movie of Black Widow. Only getting prequel would be too heartbreaking.

Moving on to Captain America, whose end as an old man in Endgame has raised questions and backlash, people want an explanation and it would make sense to bring Cap back, the original one because the old one at the end of Endgame is just from another timeline. All we can say with confidence though is only that time travel is a complicated mess and though the MCU has tapped into it, they will have to be responsible with explanations to keeps fans onboard.