May 26, 2022

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There is enough oxygen on the moon to breathe for 100,000 years

If it is still found among the dust and rocks on the surface of the moon, the moon will have plenty of oxygen.

In science fiction, heroes are often referred to as being able to breathe easily on all the planets they explore. A cinematography fantasy that is the opposite of what science today knows about the atmosphere of the various celestial bodies around us. But breathing on a planet other than Earth is not an impossible challenge. Aiming to capture the moon by 2025 through Artemis missions, NASA is working with ESA and the Australian space agency has found the best way to find resources on the moon.

Finally the solution can be right in front of our eyes from the beginning. In fact, various space agencies claim that this fine dust, which covers the surface of the moon, is abundant in the latter, and is in fact the main source of oxygen for our satellite. Through iron oxides, hundreds of oxygen atoms are captured in this dust and can be used to inhale them.

Good news for aerospace companies They plan to resettle the moon in the next few years. The latter cannot be done without a large amount of oxygen, and if extracted directly from the lunar soil, the question of resources would be much simpler than it is now. In fact, the preferred hypothesis today is to carry the amount of oxygen needed for such a journey from Earth. This makes the latter more difficult and expensive as it weighs heavily on the rocket as it takes off.

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How much oxygen is there in the moon?

But according to recent studies in this regard, the moon does not need to carry oxygen. The site of the latter is already full of them. Lunar regolith is made up of 45% precious gas, here in a solid form, on an atomic scale. However, regolith is found in asymmetrical sizes on the moon, which allows astronauts to breathe for very long periods of time without minor problems. Researchers estimate that one cubic meter of regolith contains 630 kilograms of pure oxygen. What a breather without even worrying for a second about recycling for two years.

So the presence of oxygen in the lunar soil may be the cornerstone of our satellite colonization. In fact, the most advanced calculations promise that lunar resources could accommodate the 8 billion people who have lived on Earth for about 100,000 years today. In addition to this newly discovered oxygen in lunar soil The latter may be filled with liquid water, Seems to be the refuge for a cocktail life.