The Weeknd has registered new music under the name Like Selena and people think this song is going to be about Selena Gomez.

However, many believe that this snippet that the song could be about the Wolves singer whom he has dated in the past is not true. They are of the view that the song could be about Selena Quintanilla instead, the late singer who was once one of the biggest entertainers of the industry.

Several times in the past it has been assumed that The Weeknd has made songs inspired by the former Disney star. It is said that his song Call Out My Name was based on his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Abel Tesfaye, which is his real name, has recently split from Bella Hadid. Why would he make songs about Selena rather than focusing on his latest breakup for inspiration? Could it be that he is still stuck on Selena?

Talking about Bella and Selena, recently these two had a misunderstanding between them. Selena followed Bella on Instagram and praised one of her pictures in the comments’ section. In response, the former Victoria’s Secret model didn’t follow her back and went ahead and deleted the picture on which Selena had left a comment.

Of course, this confused both the audience and even Selena herself. Good thing though, the confusion was quickly sorted out as Bella reached out to Selena to tell her that she hadn’t deleted the picture because she had commented on it.

Many people had assumed that Selena decided to put forward her hand of friendship toward Bella only for the purpose of taunting Bella. You see, Selena extended her praise after Bella’s breakup with Abel Tesfaye.

Could it be that she’s planning to get back with the Canadian crooner? A particular lot of people think that The Weeknd is only creating controversy by bringing in the name Selena in his music. Above all, fans are just completely happy that they will be getting new music from the My Melancholy singer.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were together for 10 months. Their affair started in the beginning of 2017 and then came to an end in October of the same year. Interestingly, Gomez also recently released songs inspired by her ex, Justin Bieber.

Her songs Lose You To Love Me and Look At Me Now covered her suffering during her relationship with Bieber, who is now married to Hailey Baldwin. Looks like it has now become a trend to bring up your ex in your music.

Previously, Abel Tesfaye has mentioned that he made a whole lot of happy songs when he was in a relationship with Selena Gomez. However, he never released that music. He has not yet responded to rumors that his latest song is inspired by Selena Gomez.