Selena Gomez – everyone loves her. Justin Bieber misses her, The Weeknd took a looong time to get over her. Justin Theroux who happens to be 20 plus years her senior also seems to be sharing his feelings with her. Fans love her. Coach loves her. Puma loves her. C’mon we love her too! She’s just the cutest, most talented, graceful, yet the most fun human being ever.

Let’s rewind and focus on The Weeknd’s part a bit more. Because despite kissing and cuddling Bella Hadid at the Coachella festival, locking lips and sharing laughs with her in Cannes, he did get pretty serious with Selena Gomez. When he broke up with Bella initially, he got together with Selena. But after parting ways with Selena, he tried to woo Bella Hadid again, yet he wrote songs about Selena.

What you didn’t know? In a latest interview with Time, the Canadian crooner said that prior to the release of My Dear Melancholy, the album which just dropped this March, he had written an entire album about Selena Gomez. That is exactly how magical the Wolves singer is. Abel Tesfaye describes that album as “upbeat” and “beautiful” but says we’ll “never” get to listen to it!

Why wouldn’t fans get to treat their ears to this song? Because the singer has “moved past” what had happened. So he’s not the one to dwell over past heartbreaks. Yet, fans believe that his latest song Call Out My Name was probably, most definitely about Selena Gomez. Oh boy, the drama here is making us feel love without being in love!

“I don’t want to perform something that I don’t feel,” said The Weeknd. “I don’t want to open that Pandora’s box, talking about relationships,” he further added. Abel Tesfaye dated Bella Hadid for two years before he dated Selena Gomez for a little more than six months. After their breakup Abel went back to his ex, whereas Selena went back to hers. However, as of now, Gomez is single.