Artists do seem to love leaving crumbs about their upcoming projects. Fans think that The Weeknd is doing the same. Though his latest six-song long album My Dear Melancholy just came out, the audience is convinced a part two of the album is on its way. Reason? The Weeknd’s obsession with the phrase “We’re alone together” lately.

On Sunday, the Canadian songster changed his bio to read “we’re alone together.” Is this a sign? Is the second album of the same series about to drop? “My Dear Melancholy, we’re alone together” does sound like a complete sentence and a beautiful one at that. The singer who is winning hearts at Coachella, is perhaps about to announce a big musical news too!

It’s not just that he changed his bio. He used the same words to caption one of his pictures as well. One fan on Twitter, revealed his full theory writing, “Abel‘s dropping 2 more EP‘s. full project name will be „My Dear Melancholy, We‘re Alone Together, Abel.“ second one is (apparently) dropping May/June and last one around fall in September/October.”

Others are also of the view that his album collection has two more parts to it with the second one coming out in May. It can be that the 28-year-old is just trolling his fans as Complex points out that he Instagram story clearly reads, “Don’t believe his lies” in all caps. But nahh, only recently did the same thing happen with Ariana Grande.

She left all the hints for “No Tears Left To Cry” and fans merrily picked up the bits, stringed them together, just in time for her latest release. The point is, that they were correct. Knowing this pattern, it’s almost sure that you’ll be getting more dope hits by The Weeknd soon. Let’s hope this is no coincidence.