January 17, 2022

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The success of “It Takes Too” and “Deathloop”, the new game “Star Wars” … Find winners and important announcements

If it doubles It takes two The on-screen grids, which are actually a game of three statues, collected from the Gamelight studio, will be rewarded with this year’s best video games during the eighth edition of the Game Awards 2021, Thursday, December 9, at the American Festival.

Josephlight, the founder of Hazelight, received the award for Best Game of the Year. Neil Truckman, winner last year, As well as the best family games and the best multiplayer game prizes. Lebanon-Swedish, however, was less provocativeIn 2017 he started a vibe “Get an Oscar! “ Someone is dreaming at the Oscars for video games tonight. This year, he especially found it difficult to thank his family, a theme precisely at the center of the adventureIt takes two.

Joseph Fares, December 9, on stage at the Microsoft Theater.

Former Canadian journalist Jeff Keegley, who is Mr. Loyal in the video game industry, hosted this evening, and a French studio was honored as Arcane Lyon won in two major categories. Deathloop : The prize for Outstanding Achievement, along with American Dana Nightingale, was given to the director of the game, Dinga Bagaba, while Sebastien Mitten and Michael Tremouller’s artistic dystopian distinguished the vast universe of this shooting universe set in the 1960s.

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SF and fantasy, the main types

Science fiction in particular seems to mark the year of this video game. Three games in space have won important titles: Return, From the Finns of Housemarque, won the prize for Best Adventure Game Metroid fear, The last Opus of the cult Nintendo series signed by the Spaniards of Mercurysteem, Stands alone in the sister category of “action / adventure” games. Punch dialogues from the humorous space opera Defenders of the Galaxy, From Eidos Montreal Canadiens, won him the award for Best Story Game.

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But not all of the PlayStation 5 exclusive space games were successful Ratchet & Klang, Prift Abbott, Named in all the major genres, came home empty-handed. Another disappointment Resident Evil, Village, Which did not win an outstanding award. Its publisher, Capcom, was rewarded for playing Maggie Robertson in the terrifying role of Lady Dimitrovsky in the cult game. Citizenship Evil4 (2005) was hailed as the best virtual reality game thanks to its VR adaptation.

Many games have colors of imagination. To start Kena, the bridge of spirits, Young American Shoot Ember Lab, won Best First Game and Best Independent Game. The epic can also be quoted Emerging stories, Best roll-flaming game and Final Fantasy XIV (2013), awarded as the best “social service” (mostly terms referring to multiplayer online games). Finally, the studio behind the series, FromSoftware, is one of the kings of the evening Dark souls. His next game, Elton Ring, Scheduled for February 25, 2022, sparks even greater anticipation: it was crowned the “most anticipated game” – a prize already won last year.

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Top Video Game Announcements:

But prizes at sports awards are not everything. Unlike other cinema or music awards ceremonies, this event is an opportunity to increase the number of announcements of upcoming games. As a result, the nearly four-hour evening was interrupted by dozens of trailers and promotional clips, the main points of which are:

  • Games Star Wars And Hill

Two French products electrified the American festival. Star Wars EclipseOfficially announced by Quantic Dream, subject to several rumors. Its trailer shows the mastery of the Parisian studio’s movement Detroit, Become Human. Hill, Another notable SF Fresco to be transferred from Shiro Games to Portiax Game: Doon, Spice Wars A real-time strategy game of the “4X” genre (based on four axes: exploration, expansion, exploitation and destruction) that will stage intercalactic matches derived from the universe created by Frank Herbert.

  • The Return of Yesterday’s Stars: Sonic and Wonder Woman
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Sonic may have celebrated his thirtieth birthday (An eternity in the video game), he still has energy. Sega showed the first trailer Sonic borders, In which the spinning hedgehog first explores an open world. Alan Wake Return from the Dead: This game-mixing action and horror, darling of the Xbox 360 was discovered last November for a remaster, Will also have a sequel planned for 2023. Such as Wonderful womanA character who celebrated his 80th birthday in 2021 The title of a video game for the first time.

  • New: ARC Riders And Those who are thirsty

Of the many owners and collections that marched during the festival, the (rare) young studios created even more surprise. Shooting Game ARC Riders, Des Studios Empork, Maneuver by its hybrid between novels World War And Battlefield. Those who are thirsty, d’Outerloop, invented by publisher Annapurna, attracts attention with its colorful images and Bollywood sounds. Rebellion against his parents: We were stunned by his concept based on global purpose.

  • We expected: Elton Ring And Hellplate 2

Two months before the release, Elton Ring Its Provided an overview of its history, Signed by the author Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. Xbox is exclusive Hellplate 2, Senuas Saga It also revealed a stage in the game that shows a terrible confrontation against the rotting monster.

Movies and Series:

  • The Matrix : A fresh juice and an online game

The festival has become a privilege that does not come from video games, but it has a special place in the hearts of players: The Matrix. The Unpublished Juice of the Fourth Opus (scheduled for release on December 22), directed by Lana Wachowski, aired during the ceremony and launched at the same time A virtual adventure that can be played online for free, The Matrix Awakens.

  • Sonic Returns and a TV series Halo

Two other video game stars will also appear on our screen this year. Jim Carrey showed off the ends of his (beautiful) mustache In the unseen trailer Sonic 2, Which will be released in theaters in 2022. The ceremony was also an occasion Reveal the first trailer for the TV adaptation of the Xbox franchise Halo, Its latest game was released this week.

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