Ever wonder why the very famous and luxurious Christian Louboutin shoes have a red sole? Well, the answer is quite fascinating. The inspiration for that elegant-looking red sole came from a red nail varnish. In search for the perfect design, the designer had eyes on all sorts of things but that red nail varnish his assistant was using to paint her nails with, just clicked onto his soul. As soon as he grabbed the red paint and started coloring onto the shoe sole, the masterpiece Christian Louboutin shoes came into existence.

Who would have thought about a red nail color making such a huge fashion statement that only a few of us can afford? Fortunately, the iconic sky heel stilettos do not have red nail color on their soles anymore because of the high-end quality and price of the Louboutin brand. Still, a great number of women and men are willing to spend money on the thought of that iconic red nail polish.

For this reason, there is a ‘Rouge Louboutin’ nail color now available on the market for those who cannot easily afford the pair of Louboutin stilettos. Not surprisingly, a lot of women are happily willing to take this deal because it is associated from none other than their favorite Christian Louboutin.

Without a doubt, Christian can come up with the most creative to the most random ideas to give his shoes the best of looks. For his 1994 Spring Summer collection, he created a shoe using an old Guinness Beer can and has even used mackerel and salmon to give the shoe different looks. Not just this, Christian has even used garbage found at a bin in his shoe factory to decorate his shoe collection for Spring Summer of 1999. That collection is now named the Mule Trash.