The Right Way To Take a Selfie

Selfie is a new trend that is gaining quite a lot of momentum in the world. The social media platforms have gone crazy filled up with various kinds of selfies. Most of the people think that it is mandatory to take pictures whenever they go to a new place or watch an unusual thing. People who are new to it might feel frustrated if their selfies do not turn out to be good.

If you are one of those people who are not experienced at taking selfies and your selfies never look as good as that of your friends, you do not need to worry. All you need to do is to realize that there are certain tricks that can make you look good in the selfie that you click. These tips are explained below:

1) Find the light

Be it a normal picture or a selfie, it only turns out good if the lights are right! Using too dim or too harsh lighting might lead to making your selfies appear bad. Make sure that you face the sun when you take pictures outdoors.

If you are clicking the selfie in a room, stand straight in front of the light. Never have your back at the light or else the selfie might turn out to be darker. The background is important so make sure that you keep the background clear.

2) Don’t hesitate

If you hesitate while taking the selfie, the picture might not turn out to be good. Do not try to fake a smile or a pose as it will make your picture look too artificial. Always be yourself and smile in the most natural manner. Smiling across the camera will make you look good in the selfie.

3) Editing the pictures

After you take a picture, make sure that you edit in the right manner. Adding the right filters is the key to having a good picture. If your selfie is too dark, apply the filters that make you look bright. If you feel like you look good in a black and white set up, add that filter and make yourself look retro.

4) The right kind of makeup

The right kind of makeup is necessary if you want to look good in the selfies. Concealing your under eye wrinkles and adding some blush on will make you appear bright in the picture that you would take.

5) The right angle

Change the angle of the selfie in a manner that will make you look good. If you have a fat face, take the selfie in a vertical position as it will make you look slimmer. On the other hand, if you have a slimmer face, place the camera right in front of your face and your face would look a bit bigger in the picture.