June 26, 2022

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The remnants of a rocket fell on the moon, but now we have to find the abyss

According to an astronomer’s calculations, a cylindrical object hit the Earth’s natural satellite. The abyss is yet to be discovered.

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The moon now has one more crater. A rocket platform that had been dormant for many years crashed into its distance on Friday, March 4th. But experts say the phenomenon could not be directly observed, and will have to wait a little longer for evidence to be available in the films. The darkened cylindrical material at a speed of 9,000 km per hour must have dug a ditch. “10 to 20 meters in diameter”According to astronomer Bill Gray, he was the first to identify the impending collision.

Its trajectory was calculated using observations made by telescopes on Earth. “We have a lot of data on this subject”Bill Gray underlined. “If it had not been pulled out by an evil hand, it would have hit the moon this morning.” The identification of the rocket in question is debatable, as no one is officially responsible for listing and monitoring space debris in deep space. Bill Gray developed software used by NASA-monitored monitoring programs. He observed space debris and examined it unnecessarily, without mistaking it for asteroids.

“It simply came to our notice then that we did not know if it was a rocket. However rated on franceinfo Christoph Bonal is an expert at the National Center for Space Research (Cnes). It is an object at a distance of 2.50 meters and 360,000 kilometers, which we are already good at following. The abyss can only be seen around the star by NASA’s LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) probe or the Indian Chandrayaan-2. By the end of January, the US space agency had already announced its intention to discover a future abyss, at the same time warning that surgery could take place. “Weeks”. According to Bill Gray, both studies can monitor any lunar zone once a month.

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It is not uncommon for rocket levels to be dropped into space after being launched. But this is the first time it has been found to have collided unexpectedly with the moon. On the other hand, rocket positions have already been launched against the moon for scientific purposes during the Apollo missions. The study of the formation of the crater and the stirred material could advance the scientific study of the moon, Selenology.