January 17, 2022

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The price of the revolutionary Y-tooth toothbrush is falling for Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas, are you still looking for the perfect gift? Yes, we know how difficult it is to find gifts that are original, useful and made in France. Miracle (Christmas): The Y-Brush brings all these features with its revolutionary toothbrush. And the best part of all this? This is the best offer currently available Noel Y-Brush Pack.

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Y-brush, practical and original gift for Christmas

From children to adults, brushing teeth is often a chore. As a result, the French do not brush their teeth properly, often not for long. Between 43 and 52 seconds, only against the two minutes recommended by the dentist. To solve this problem, Y-Brush has developed products that seriously facilitate your oral routine. Useful, original and gift made in France.

With the Y-Brush, oral hygiene is flawless In just ten seconds. This is a revolution! Developed in close collaboration with dentists, the Y-Brush is more efficient than regular toothbrushing, manual or electric. Thanks to its innovative Y shape that covers all the teeth of the same curve. Thus the teeth are brushed at the same time, not one by one.. Save a great time!

The effectiveness of this revolutionary toothbrush is guaranteed Nylonmet technology (And its 35,000 flexible nylon fibers) as well as its acoustic vibration system. The Y-brush was also clinically verified Brushing only the teeth of this form can be very effective. While other products have a similar design, they do not have the same advanced technology. In fact, their large silicone particles are too flexible to be effective on dental plaques.

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Today, tens of thousands of French people believe in the Y-brush and its innovative technology. Also, the TV news of TF1, France 2 and M6 did not just praise its features. Only electric toothbrush made in France.

But the Y-Brush offers one Innovative toothpaste, chewy and made in France : One tablet is enough for your brushing! In addition, it is organic and 100% natural. This is really perfect!

Fun “Parties” with the Y-Brush!

With many products that are effective and innovative, Be sure to nail it to the podium with the Y-Brush Christmas Gift. You can find them directly on the brand’s website but also on the larger French brands such as Fnac, Darty and Boulanger.

Do not wait any longer and submit Christmas pack 99 euros ! These include a Y-brush toothbrush, an integrated battery-operated handle, a toothpaste applicator, a USB cable for recharging, and access to an accompanying program. These nails are all there to find the best way and at a discounted price. Children are also entitled to their own Christmas pack With a cute whale shaped applicator and stickers to customize their new toothbrush!

Find the Y-brush