Still suffering from Hayley Marshall’s death on The Originals? We’re sure she is not coming back to life even if Phoebe Tonkin hinted that she’s got a bit more to do on the show. Perhaps, Hope’s mum will only be visiting in memories after her horrific death. We’ll gladly accept defeat if The CW proves us wrong. But we understand that the possibility of that happening is thin.

However, while a good news like that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, we do know that bad news definitely is. According to a tweet that Julie Plec sent out on Thursday, there’s more pain to come. Plec took to social media to write, “After tonight, there are five episodes of #TheOriginals left before the end of it’s (sic) run. There are about as many significant deaths coming. I know you’re mourning, and it’s going to be hard, but there is some real beauty, love and peace to come too. Buckle up.”

No way, Plec! That’s just rude. Fans have not been very happy with the plot and the script this season. A lot of episodes seem to be containing filler content and the only episode that managed to make fans feel was the one in which Hayley died. And though the episode rocked, the audience was not okay with this major twist.

As predicted, more characters would be jumping into their graves now. So, when Plec says ‘multiple deaths’ what does she mean? Are we going to lose all of our favorites? No more Kol, no more Klaus, no more Rebekah, no more Elijah, and no more Marcel? That can happen as we’re not expecting to see any of these players in TO’s spinoff Legacies, starring Hope as the central character. Guess the question is not who is going to die, but how many are going to die.