If you have been following the Bollywood news, you would know that the Khaali Peeli movie teaser, starring Ishaan Khattar and Ananya Panday has not received any positive reviews from the audience. Now that the negative feedback against the teaser has dropped down, it is the movie’s new song that has received the latest backlash.

The new song dropped by the producers is named ‘Beyonce sharma jaye gi’. Even though both the actors were really enthusiastic about the promotion of their movie, they were still not able to get positive reviews from the audience. The main reason why people actually bashed the song is the racist language used in its lyrics.

The lines from the song  ‘Tujhse Dekhke Goriye, Beyonce Sharma Jayegi’ made the netizens imply negative connotations to them. They apologized to Beyonce for such lines and made sure that their views are put across all over social media. Alongside this, the words of the lyrics also do not rhyme with each other, which further made the listeners go crazy about the audacity of the producers to add such a song in their movie.

This guy aptly described the difference between Beyonce and Ananya Panday.


Twitter commentators were also annoyed of the song, because Beyonce had, in her song, given so much respect and honor to the South Indian girls, while in return, Bollywood reacted with this RACIST SONG.


Beyonce would surely have reacted like this after listening to this song talking about her being ashamed to watching Ananya Panday’s gori skin.

This captures our emotions in the most appropriate way EVER!

Okay, now this is really shameful.

“Tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyonce sharma jayegi” from the upcoming film Khaali Peeli by Ali Abbas Zaffar is definitely not acceptable. The lines have racist connotations, and one can not simply ignore the message being propagated through it. The song again shows the obsession of Bollywood with fair skin.



Also, I really hope that *even by mistake* Beyonce doesn’t even get a slightest glimpse of this lyrical disaster.