June 26, 2022

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The new football video game will be released at the end of January, with Lukaku being the new ambassador

The new UFL football video game will release its first pictures on January 27th. After Roberto Firmino, Lukaku was appointed ambassador to Rome as FIFA’s future rival.

Players will soon be able to make an impact on the next football game, the release date of which is not yet known. The game’s official Twitter account announced that the first pictures of the UFL will be announced on January 27th. Lukaku was also released as ambassador to Rome.

Lukaku after Ginseng and Firmino

At the end of August, the UFL was announced at the GameScam, a global video game event. With the exception of more than 5,000 licensed players and the possibility of “playing against other players from around the world” very little information has been leaked. The UFL, which competes with untouchable FIFA and the redesigned eFootball (ex-PES), will be revealed in a month or so.

When Oleksandr Zinchenko and Roberto Firmino were later announced as ambassadors, a third player joined these valuable duos: Romelu Lukaku. Chelsea forward confirmed the news on Instagram when he revealed one of his in-game cards.

Lukaku: “I really like their philosophy”

“The UFL is amazing. I’m been following the news surrounding this game for some time. I really like their philosophy and attitude towards the development of the game. The Belgian striker reacts to the official press release.

Initiated by the independent Belarusian studio Strikers and “having been in development since 2016”, the game has already announced alliances with six European clubs: Monaco, West Ham, Sporting Portugal, Portugal Mochengladbach, Shaktiோர்re Donetsk and Pesiktas. “Stay tuned for more big announcements!” UFL promised on Twitter.

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