December 9, 2021

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The myth has been in development for at least 4 years! | Xbox One

Do you remember that time when we relayed? Rumors Reveals that playground games are in an open world, alias Myth ? This was already four years ago, in 2017. Even yesterday, if we are not convinced of the veracity of these facts, one of the creators of the title has confirmed it to us.

A trivial tweet that says it all

Following the tweet from Playground Games developer Tom Golden, we learned the information on Twitter. He tells us about his birthday on the team, he joined 4 years ago. He was presented with a small thank you note from the studio for his good and loyal service.


Another year of service at playground games

Thank you for being a quality member of our team and for all the contributions you have made

If this tweet says a little, we should get to the bottom of it. We now know that the title has been officially created since 2017. Tom has been on the team since this year, but the production of the title may be even earlier than that date. When creating a video game, it is important to remember that there are many stages involved, such as design, pre-production and the entire product. If Rumors Saying that Myth Scheduled for 2023, so the title is entitled to at least six years of growth.

Information on the topic is very limited at this time. Released by Microsoft during the July 23 show last year, there is still no chance to see. It is a safe bet that in 2022, especially in E3, if that happens, the headline will deliver its message.

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