There is no better way to beat the heat then by reading a novel that arrests your attention and diverts you from the scorching heat outside. But, come to think of, books are always the best companions regardless of the season. Since the summers are going to unfold in their fully fury, a good series to pick is The Maze Runner Series.

The first book from this series was released back in 2009. Since, then more books have been added to the set and keep winning people’s hearts. Basically, James Dashner’s series is a trilogy but there are other companion books too.

The first book in the line, The Maze Runner, made it to the readers’ hands in 2009. This was followed by The Scorch Trials that came out in 2010. The third book in the series is The Death Cure that came out in 2011. Since fans couldn’t handle the heartbreak of bidding farewell to this extensive world of the Gladers, Dashner wrote, To Kill The Order that was released on 2012.

There are more books in the extended series. These include Thomas’s First Memory of the Flare that comes in between Book 2 and 3 and The Fever Code that comes in the last. The main aim is to get all the accurate information on the workings of the world that kick start in a Maze.

If you’re really into the science fiction genre, then The Maze Runner series isn’t the one to miss. This article talks about the set of the Maze trilogy and sets out the reasons for reading it but before we dig into that, let’s begin with a quick summary of each of the three books.

The Maze Runner Series

The book 1, The Maze Runner carves out an experimental setting world that is set in the heart of a maze. Within this heart is the Glade, where the main characters live. The story begins with Thomas being introduced to the Glade that is inhabited by around 30 boys who have all been trying to find an exit from the maze.

The exit isn’t that simple because the maze changes every night and is peppered with strange creatures called the Grievers that are a cross between animal and technology. The quick-paced plot unfolds around events that lead to the eventual escape of the Gladers. It is here that the first book ends.

Book 2, The Scorch Trials is laden with the main themes of treachery and betrayal. The Gladers are cleverly tricked into another trial this time around and they have no other solution but to complete the trial.

Where the first book holes the characters into a maze, this trial leaves them under the open sky and in the midst of a virus that has ripped apart the world population. The Flare does not have a cure, and it turns out that tests and trials are being conducted on the Gladers to get an antidote for the virus.

The third book in the series, The Death Cure revolves around the Gladers efforts and struggles to finally get rid of the people who have trapped them into the trials named Wicked. Throughout the series, there is a mantra that reads, ‘Wicked is good.’

Consequently, there is a rift between the Gladers about whether the ways of the experimenters are justified on the grounds of saving humanity or simply inhuman due to the cruel and dangerous manner in which the Gladers, the lab rats, have been treated.

Reasons for Reading The Maze Runner Series

To begin with, this series is a treat for all the sci-fi novel nerds. It is made of all the ingredients that form the best recipe for a killer series. For instance, it is fast-paced, based on a unique storyline, and has well fleshed-out characters that will stay with you long after you have turned the final page.

Some of the other reasons to read this trilogy are:

  1. Action-packed

The Maze Runner Series is loaded to the brim with action. Since the start, you will come across action that is paired with a fast-paced plot. This duo of speed and action will keep you on the edge of your seat so that you are aching to find out what happens next.

  1. It is loaded with strange creatures

Books of the Maze Runner series are dotted with strange creatures that are described so vividly that they might even hunt you in your nightmare. This is particularly true in the case of the first book, The Maze Runner.

The Grievers are monsters unlike any other. They boast a fleshy mass of animals but have limbs that reciprocate weapons such as a cutter and more. These are also metallic wall lizards that spy on the subjects of the study, the Glader.

On top of that, there are virus-infected people outside the Glade. The Flare virus attacks and eats their brain so that they lose all control of their cognitive abilities and senses. The bad news is that the majority of the world is infected with this virus so they also add up to the list of creatures that the Gladers have to save themselves from.

  1. Because its wicked

There is one that is pretty appealing in this novel. And it’s the way the plot is crafted. A human experiment is literally taken into a lab so that the subjects of the trials or the Gladers are akin to lab rats, looking out for ways to escape in one way or another.

The trilogy’s setting is actually cruel and you’d end up questioning the motives of Wicked along with the main characters. Since all the characters are real and imperfect, they have their moments of indecision and confusion. The cherry on top of this is that the memory of each character is erased, making the game even tougher!

  1. Brilliant characters

All the characters in this novel are three-dimensionally, they wear their own unique personalities and act in their own ways to the trials. The main character is Thomas who is highly inquisitive by nature. His curiosity and determination are two essential qualities that keep the Gladers alive and help them complete the trials too.

The best part is that the secondary characters are all equally talented like Thomas and exhibit different survival qualities. For example, Minho is a fighter that is somewhat impulsive. Likewise, Newt is the calm and calculating one in the trio that leads these trials.

All other characters are equally interesting but these three chief characters of Thomas, Minho, and Newt are the best. This trio is worth falling in love with.

  1. Strong emotional undercurrents

Not only is the Maze Runner series based on a scientific plot and vivid descriptions but also exhibit various emotions. Multiple emotions are in the play in the trilogy. There are lots of misunderstanding, betrayals, selfish motives, confusions, and alliances in the novels.

Moreover, there are friendships made and friendships broken so that the focus of the books does not solely shine on love or lust. The emphasis is on courage, lasting bonds, determination, and unity. Therefore, there are countless emotions that are laced through the entire series, adding to its overall flavor.