May 19, 2022

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The mastermind of the most feared hackers group is a 16-year-old boy who lives with his mother.

Cyber ​​security investigators have uncovered the identity of the alleged mastermind of a notorious ‘Lapsus $’ hacker group believed to be a 16-year-old British Wise child living with his mother in Oxford, southern England.

This young and talented young man, better known by his nickname “White” or “Freebase”, is said to have advanced hacking skills that were initially believed by investigators to monitor the operation of a computer program. According to the American media Bloomberg.

Desired to carry out a series of “hacks” against large corporations such as Microsoft, Samsung or Ubisoft, the group of hackers was first established in Great Britain and South America, before attacking telecommunications, media, retail and some government agencies.

Same operating system

According to investigators, the group carried out a “large-scale extortion campaign” against several companies, always using the same function: hacking security systems (with the help of several employees in the attacked companies), stealing sensitive data and recovering money for not publishing the request publicly on the Internet.

Investigators say that despite their prowess, young hackers have taken big risks such as “reporting their attacks on social networks or revealing their intent to buy identifiers from employees of targeted companies.” Excessive zeal and “poor operational security” cost them dearly because investigators were able to link cyber attacks to each other and identify certain culprits who, without the help of rival hackers, particularly leaked personal information on the Internet. Lapsus $ group leader (surname, first name, address, etc.).

To date, however, there is no formal evidence of the adolescent’s responsibility or his potential purpose. He has not been officially indicted by the courts, at least for a moment. Recently on social media “Some of our members have holidays until March 30, 2022. We may be quiet for a while. Thanks for understanding us, we will try to post more information as soon as possible”.

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