December 8, 2021

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The MacBook Pro 16 adapter was the first Apple to use gallium nitride

If there’s one area where Apple (intelligently, in general) is careful, it’s with its power adapters. The manufacturer does not always follow new technologies and above all wants to ensure their safety. This explains why Apple still does not have the Gallium nitride adapter or con for close friends.

However, now first, now first case This model was provided with a 16-inch MacBook Pro Based on this technology. Apple has confirmed it in person Nearby On the edge, Ending a rumor Prior to 2020, And more than two and a half years in the beginning The first models on the market. It must be said that GaN makes it possible to build very small adapters for a single power, the essential point to keep an 140 W brick at an acceptable level.

The 140W Power Adapter is included with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple did not give the exact dimensions of the device, but it did A priority Larger than other models, especially 96 W, it was the most powerful of the power adapters ever designed in Cupertino. We move away from the square that was the priority form until then and approach a rectangle, which may not remind users of some memories Old Airport Express Kiosks.

On the edge We have received confirmation from Apple that this accessory is based on a new standard USB-C PD (for Power Delivery), which was the standard 3.1 verified earlier this year. This is the most recent, Thunderbolt 4 used by the new MacBook Pro does not support it. Conclusion: The 16-inch MacBook Pro does not charge as fast as 140W using USB-C sockets, and only the MagSafe 3 connection can reach this value. With the USB-C cable, you will be limited to 100W, which means that even with slow charging or slowing down the battery level, the system may require all watts during heavy use.

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MacBook Pro 2021: The little things you missed

MacBook Pro 2021: The little things you missed

As for the Mac Safe 3, Apple slipped to the platform that the magnets were stronger than the older generation. The connection should not go away so soon anymore, but we hope that the Mac will not move from the desk yet to avoid accidents, all the strengths of this connection were discovered by the company and denied in the 2016 range.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a power adapter and MacSafe cable, but you can order more from the store:

Mac 25 New MacBook Pro accessories are available, including the Apple Vibe

Mac 25 New MacBook Pro accessories are available, including the Apple Vibe