December 8, 2021

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The longest partial lunar eclipse in 600 years can be seen by half the world!

Too long Lunar eclipse Part of XXIe Century, a Duration A total of six hours and two minutes, will take place on the morning of November 19th. This Eclipse Will be much longer after XVe Century, and will take place by 6:02 p.m. UTC (When the moment நிலா Enters the shadow of the earth) and 12:04 pm (the time of its departure). Unfortunately it is only known in the United States and east of the Asian continent சோலைல் The moon is already in Europe at the time of partial obscurity (animation and all details of the eclipse are visible on the site here Time and date) The maximum of the eclipse will occur at 9:02 UTC, of ​​which 99.1% To the moon Will be in the shadow of the earth.

November 19, 2021 Why is the eclipse so long? It reaches its maximum point about 41 hours before the moon Apoji, I.e., its farthest point from the earth. However, the farther the moon travels, the slower it travels with it Around the circular path, I.e. it takes longer to cross the shadow of the earth. By comparison, Full eclipse on May 26, 2021Five hours lasted two minutes (less than an hour) and occurred nine hours later Perigee, The closest point to the earth. However, the latter was more interesting because of its Size (Eclipse area ratio) was 1.009 against 0.974 on November 19th. The second is too long Partial eclipse The 1,200 years between 1451 and 2650 will take place on November 30, 2039 and will last for six hours. Mark your calendars!

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