May 17, 2022

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The iPhone 14 Pro will be thicker, but it will have a nice excuse

There is no rest for the wicked. Yesterday, Sunday March 27th, Ming-Chi Guo tweeted! Reply to a tweet from 9 to 5 MacIt provided a map of the iPhone 14 Pro and their heavier rear optical unit, which the analyst simply attributes to the increase.

Also watch the video:

According to a star analyst who specializes in Apple’s future operations, this complex block is due to Tim Cook’s teams’ decision to improve the wide-angle. The volume at the center of the iPhone’s photo experience ranges from 12 Mpix to 48 Mpix.

To improve both sharpness and image definition, with the help of computational photography functions – this should allow. If photos of Apple smartphones have enjoyed excellent color rendering and good exposure for a long time, they are prone to flat color processing. This is especially noticeable when you zoom in on an image or try to print it.

Whatever it is, Ming-Xi Guo gives an idea of ​​the benefits of rear light unit size. It is 25-35% wide and 5-10% thick. The wide angle optics, like the latest iPhone 13 Pro, have seven components made of plastic.

Last September, rumors indicated that Apple planned to offer a design without the pump produced by rear cameras. By increasing the depth of the blocks, this will certainly be harder to achieve. But Apple can still maintain it Hole hole The current peak at the front will disappear.

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