January 17, 2022

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The International Space Station took more photographs than ever before

During a routine maneuver to replace a Soyuz, the Russian vehicle was allowed to see it all over from the space station. Pyotr Dubrovnik, one of the three astronauts on board, was able to photograph it fully in its latest configuration. Unpublished photos, among other things, of the new solar panels installed by Thomas Baskett and Shane Kimberly and the last Russian module, Nauka, recently stood on the orbit.

Here, Thomas Baskett Posted on his Social Websites A series of pictures International Space Station Seen from Soyuz capsule. Rare pictures and only interested in watching Complex orbit Overall and its latest configuration.

These images, including an illustration of this summary, were obtained during the transfer of astronaut Piotr Dubrovnik Soyuz MS-18. Soyuz MS-19The orbit stopped at the campus on October 5, which included actress Yulia Percild and film director Klim Shipenko. The challenge It will film scenes of the film aboard the ISS. The pictures were taken from the front window of the orbital module (the Soyuz vehicle was made up of three parts with two modules (so in the middle).

ISS rescue vehicles

The purpose of the relocation was to free up the port of Roosevelt Mooring, where the MS-19 was grounded. This docking port is located on the Russian section of the station. As for the Soyuz MS-18, it led to the MS-19, which stood in the recently established Russian block of the Russian division of the ISS.Mooring was very confused. And it doesn’t say much. The ESA robot arm, Scheduled to be commissioned next year, has been installed in this constituency.

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To understand the benefits of maneuvering, it is important to know that Soyuz capsules are emergency vehicles Space station. NASA and Roscosmos should therefore be taken into account Period Life, estimated at 210 days, is where they migrated. Concrete, Roswet Mooring Port is still occupied by Soyuz with a long lifespan, so it came last.

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