June 28, 2022

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The Hubble Space Telescope detects the farthest star ever observed

The mass of this baptized star is about 50 times the mass of the Sun.

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The Hubble Space Telescope has detected a distant star that has never been observed before. It was called the Earendel and its light traveled 12.9 billion years to reach us. To compete with the largest known stars, scientists estimate that its mass is at least 50 times that of our Sun and millions of times brighter than that.

The previous record-breaking star was spotted in 2018 by Hubble. But the latter was in a universe 4 billion years old, about 900 million years after the Big Bang for Erendel, according to researchers.

“At first, we didn’t believe it.”, Brian Welch of Johns-Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, said in a statement that the book’s editor-in-chief. He had the privilege of naming this star: if Erandale “Morning Star” In Old English.

The star will be the main target for the new James Webb Space Telescope, which is currently being measured in space. The European Space Agency (ESA), which operates the telescope with NASA, said in a statement that James Webb would observe the new star this year.

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