June 26, 2022

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The headphones provided with the smartphones are no longer needed

A bill aimed at reducing the digital environment was passed in parliament.

It is the result of a French uniqueness. Smartphone manufacturers are no longer forced to provide headphones with a laptop. So the parliament passed this week decided Private Member Bill by Senator LR de l’Ain, Patrick Chaize, Integrated Bill “Eco-tracking of digital technology in France”.

From the 2010 and Grenelle II Acts, smartphones will not be “Will be marketed without a accessory to control the head’s exposure to radioactive emissions during communications.“Henceforth, only manufacturers should do”Ensure the availability of headphones compatible with the terminal model during its marketing period.In other words, this is not the end of headphones, but manufacturers will no longer have the obligation to supply smartphones. The reason for this action? It depends on the ecology. “Wired headphones, wired headphones, whether wired or wireless, are the main source of waste that is usually added to smartphones, even as the market for the best quality headphones and hearing systems expands.», Patrick Choice explains on the Frontroid website.

Until then, the health argument justifies the obligation to provide headphones, “He cannot justify this source of waste“But the elected LR recalled it.”International professional organizations, such as the World Health Organization, have so far denied that there is an established causal link between mobile phones and the exposure of electromagnetic fields produced by chronic diseases.. ⁇However, there is nothing to suggest that the free supply of headphones protects these serious users from the very widespread health risks identified.Adds senator. Next step: Publishing the bill in the official journal. It remains to be seen whether manufacturers who no longer supply headphones will cut prices.

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