December 8, 2021

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The future big iMac will be 27 inches, but with the promotion

Updated on 10/20/2021 07:58 : Oops, Ross Young didn’t wake up properly this morning. Published by Analyst Second tweet To illustrate that he made a big mistake: his information was not about the external screen, but about a Mac. So it’s the big iMac Apple silicone, it’s supposed to be 27 inches if you believe its information, but it has to follow the MacBook Pro’s new technologies like Minilet and Promotion. An outdoor display may come, but then, it means maintaining an all-in-one in the first quarter of 2022.

The article is original

Apple plans to launch 27 “outdoor display in Q1 2022, Confirms Ross Young, consultant for the visual presentation chain, specializes in the field of screens and their technology.

Pro Display XDR 32 “

The device will use a mini-LED panel similar to the new MacBook Pro and iPod Pro 12.9 “This” Small Pro Display XDR “will provide promotion with an upgrade rate ranging from 120 to 24 Hz.

However, there is no precision in the definition (6K out of the current 32) or the price range that Apple has in mind for this product. Pro Display XDR Being sold கண்ணாடி 5,499 with glass surface and விருப்ப 6,499 with nano-textured glass option, all without stand (அதிகம் 1,099 more).

If this is a question of creating a range, it may be less expensive, but in view of some technical components – as we will talk about the Apple product later – you should definitely not expect it. ‘Cheap …

The second was this hypothesis of a small screen Given Last January Bloomberg, No further details at the time. But in the wake of Young, Mark Curman confirmed these characteristics in line with what Apple is doing today.

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Rose Young had Good tips Previously on the screens of the new MacBook Pro and For that The last IPod mini.