With a love for makeup brushes and a personal collection of around 2000 brushes, Sonia G has come up with carefully crafted brushes. These specialize in their making and afford you the greatest and most precise strokes so that you can build and blend your makeup to perfection. And the good news is that The Fundamental Brush Set by SoniaG has been restocked.

The Fundamental Brush Set by SoniaG has a collection of brushes that specialize in their performance. The entire handcrafted package contains the following brushes:

  1. Pencil One

This brush allows you to soften and diffuse the edges so that your makeup is on point.

  1. Crease One

This brush is pointy but the tip and sides are dense. The brush does a pro job at blending and depositing the pigment.

  1. Builder One

This brush has a shape that works flawlessly with difficult textures.

  1. Worker One

The Worker One does the basic blending job so you know it as the blending brush.

The Fundamental Brush Set by SoniaG


  1. Base One

This brush works wonders with creams and liquids. The brush is strong, quick-drying, and easy to clean. At the same time, the brush is airy enough to blend bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

  1. Face Two

This brush is super soft. It is also dense and airy in the right measure so that it can be used for both heavy pigmented and sheer formulas.

  1. Sculpt One

This is a fan brush in the collection.

  1. Sculpt Three

This brush is specifically made for highlighter application but it can also help with patchy blush and bronzer. The brush picks up a large amount but works with great care and control.

The Fundamental Brush Set by SoniaG is handcrafted and its bristles are made for precision, care, and control. For the handle, dense and durable maple wood is used. The collection is available at Beautylish. Brushes will be up for grabs individually later on.