January 17, 2022

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The first space probe “touched” the sun

She did not burn her wings. The Parker space probe, launched in 2018, has entered the Sun’s atmosphere, the American Geophysical Society announced at a news conference Tuesday, December 14th. This’“A Great Moment and a Significant Achievement for Solar Science”, Commented (Link in English) ICo-Administrator, NASA Department of Scientific Services, Thomas Surbuchen.

This is the first time “Touches” The Sun, penetrating into the solar corona, has not yet explored this luminous halo, especially due to its hospitable temperature: up to 2 million degrees.

“This achievement not only allows us to deepen our knowledge of the evolution of the Sun and its impact on our solar system, but also teaches us everything we learn about our star and the other stars in it.” The universe. “, Thomas Surbuchen delighted.

The scientific breakthrough occurred on April 28, but it took several months to collect and process the data sent by the Parker study. Michael Stevens, an astronomer at the Harvard & Smithsonian Center for Astronomy, participates in the monitoring and analysis of this data. In a press release (Link in English) qu ‘”A basic part ” Can be measured “The spacecraft [avait traversé] External limit [du Soleil], Scientists call it the Alven point. “. However, until now, the latter did not know exactly where this boundary was.

“If you look at close-up photos of the sun, sometimes those curls or shiny hairs appear to fall out, but are reattached., He explains. This is the area where we flew; Plasma, atmosphere and air are magnetically connected to the Sun. ” During these flights, data collected showed that the Alfvén point star was not orbiting like a bubble, but irregularly, allowing scientists to confirm, NASA explains. Help scientists understand how to detect where these protrusions line up with solar activity coming from the surface. What is happening on the surface of the sun Affects the atmosphere and solar wind, The company continues.

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On April 28, the study was able to do three “Inputs” This article describes what was published in the journal Science in the Solar Corona, including once every five hours Physical Review Letters (Link in English). His purpose for the rest of the work? NASA suggests continuing to approach the star’s surface.