May 17, 2022

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The FA World Cup draw avoids a doomsday scenario, but the Americans face a tough test in Qatar 2022

The FA World Cup draw avoids a doomsday scenario, but the Americans face a tough test in Qatar 2022

With the World Cup approaching, the United States national team has not only had the most difficult task in the 2022 World Cup, but it is also not easy.

The United States find themselves in Group B with England, Iran and the winner of the UEFA play-off which includes Wales facing the semi-final winner of that group between Scotland and Ukraine. Could a tie be worse for the United States? Absolutely. The doomsday scenario has been avoided, but one could argue that if Wales – the highest-ranked among those teams in the playoffs – can make it through, the US has one of the tougher groups.

Certainly, groups E and G have a higher mean ELO The result, but no other group will have the same depth of competition as group B. Based on the FIFA rankings – which must be taken into account – Iran is the lowest-ranked team in Group Two at 21st. The fourth-ranked team in every other group is even worse.

If Wales didn’t pass, things should have been easier, but still complicated. If Ukraine is the team that ends up qualifying, they will play with a huge reservoir of emotional motivation due to the ongoing war. In pure football terms, that would be a special kind of challenge.

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For American coach Greg Berhalter, the excitement of qualifying earlier in the week and then knowing at least most of his team’s opponents were the prevailing sentiment of the day.

“It was great to have England in our group,” he said. “I think this is a game that always gets a lot of attention from those around it because of England, their fans and their solid place in football.

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“Then we have Iran, which is a tough opponent given that they finished first in their group of qualifiers in Asia, the first Asian team to qualify after [hosts] Qatar scored a lot of goals, a dangerous team, then the unknown Scotland, Wales or Ukraine. Scotland and Wales are quite similar in their approach to the game. It is completely different with Ukraine. So there are some challenges there but they are generally positive. We are looking forward to the competition.”

There is a date to consider as well. And as the United States found out to be harmful in 1998, Iran is perfectly capable of winning such a confrontation. Iran has always been one of the best teams in the AFC, having reached the semi-finals of the Asian Cup recently in 2019.

“I’m a little nervous that the public or the media might be underestimating Iran,” Berhalter said. “But it’s not to take the team lightly. He would be a good opponent.”

Of course, Gareth Southgate’s side would be the best candidate to advance, even with the United States historically giving the English all they can handle. Yes, the percentages of US players have increased in the last decade in terms of club teams they play for, but England have a huge talent advantage. Berhalter provided a summary of England’s impressive depth at right-back to illustrate just how good the Three Lions are. That’s no guarantee of anything, of course, as the United States demonstrated at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when England drew 1-1 and topped the group through the tiebreak by scoring goals.

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American striker Christian Pulisic He admitted that there had already been some conversations with his Chelsea teammates, Mason Mount In particular, about the England match, but he stressed that it would not provide any additional motivation before the match.

“I don’t think that’s what brings more [motivation]Pulisic said. “I think a World Cup match for our country is all we need, no matter who they are against. I wouldn’t think about that, really, ever. It would be a good test either way. So we will do our best and hopefully be on the right end of that.”

If the United States can finish second in Group B, the match against the winner of Group A, most likely the Netherlands, will come out. But if the United States can replicate their 2010 feat and top the group, there will be a tough showdown against hosts Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal – with their superstar triple. Sadio ManeAnd the Edward Mendy and the captain Kalidou Coulibaly – He waits. To get past any of those teams and reach the quarter-finals, where a match is possible with Argentina, would be an incredible achievement.

But this is ahead of ourselves. The fact that the United States will play on the opening day of the tournament complicates the team’s preparations. Berhalter said the pre-tournament camp in Dubai had to be canceled because teams have to be in Qatar five days before their first game, and players won’t be released until a week before the World Cup starts.

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This will require the United States to make the most of the two remaining international windows in June and September. In June, the United States played two matches in the CONCACAF Nations League, and Berhalter said he would feature his full squad.

“Men must be available for [the Nations League] And they need to be involved in that if they want a chance to compete in the World Cup.”

One part of the good news is that Weston McKinneyHe, who is recovering from a broken left foot, is expected to return to full training with Juventus by the end of April. He is still hoping to be involved in some club matches, hoping those matches will make him ready for the Nations League.

In regards to the window in September, the United States is in the process of trying to form teams outside their comfort zone, doing what they can to match their opponents in the group stage, although that is no easy feat.

“It’s not an exact science,” Berhalter said. “It’s not like you’re playing Saudi Arabia, that’s the exact version of Iran, but it’ll help. I think we’re familiar with body types, athlete types.”

Berhalter has eight months to prepare and polish his team. With the draw complete, the countdown to the start of the tournament has already begun.