June 28, 2022

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The EU will impose a single charger for smartphones in the fall of 2024

All small electronic devices are affected.

27 EU countries and MEPs on Tuesday agreed to impose on the Union a global charger for tablets, e-readers, in-ear headphones, digital cameras, headphones and earphones, portable video game consoles and handheld speakers. The European Parliament has announced that by the fall of 2024, USB Type-C ports will be required, regardless of their manufacturer. Laptops must be customized within 40 months of the text coming into effect.

The regulation, which imposes a USB-C port on all small and medium-sized electronic devices, aims to control environmentally harmful waste and protect consumer rights by forcing chargers that are incompatible with their different devices. Many devices are already equipped with this technology. But the devil is in the details: depending on the power of the charger, not everyone has the same performance. The American company Apple, which is famous for its lightning charging technology and has long opposed the universal charger, has switched to USB-C for its latest iPads.

These new duties will lead to more reusable chargers and save consumers. 250 million euros per year If you buy chargers unnecessarily. We are Respected Discarded and unused chargers generate about 11,000 tons of electronic waste per year“, Estimated by the European Parliament in a statement.

Europe also plans to tackle wireless chargers. The union wants to ensure that the technology is global, to prevent the problem from shifting to a new technology.

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