A new study which is based on findings from the Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of the Youth says that firstborn children are academically brighter than their siblings as they are set up for acing in academics since infancy.

The survey mentioned above interviewed thousands of people in the age bracket of 14 to 21 first in 1979, and then throughout the years to collect information regarding their income, background, employment, and education.

Now this research has concluded that if you’re the eldest child, you’ve reason to brag about being the smartest. Accordingly, the eldest child is the most intellectual among all the siblings because he gets undivided attention of parents.

Children born after the first one tend to experience more relaxed parents. In fact, National Bureau of Economic Research says that parents don’t spend as much time reading to younger kids or encouraging them to take part in academics as well as cocurricular activities.

Children born after the first one also receive less mental engagement. Since the eldest child receives more mental stimulation, he is more mentally stable in the years to come as well.

As per this study, while parents care for all their children equally, firstborns are luckier in terms of getting more attention when it comes to studies. A previous study shows that firstborns are more likely to continue education and also more likely to become CEOs and politicians.

Furthermore, their IQ is also slightly higher than that of their younger siblings. This shows that parents must give more attention than they are to the children born after the first one as well so that all children reap in academics.

While this study says that this difference doesn’t impact the personality of attitude of other children, other studies hint that one’s positioning among siblings can influence his personality’s traits.