Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment have been getting their fair share of popularity since they have been introduced. Celebrities and many health and skin conscious people are the ones who opt for these procedures to get a youthful look.

Botox and Restylane are the two sort of such cosmetic injections that are injected. Contrary to proper belief, both box and Restylane have different functions. Let’s dig into what each of these are and how they are different from each other.


Made from botulinum, botox is the injection that is used to obtain a smooth and firm skin. Botox inhibits the release of chemical acetylcholine that helps the nerve signal in contracting the facial muscles.

It further controls the facial muscle in a way that it slows down their function and all sort of facial expressions. This reaction is the result that fine lines are formed on your skin. Once these muscle movements vanish, your skin looks more youthful.

Botox injections are usually injected on the glabellar muscles where the lines are present so they can shrink or reduce. It is also injected around the eyes, between the eyebrows, around the mouth, and on the neck area too where the visible lines are present due to aging.

Botox usually has the effect for almost four months before it starts wearing off. It is said to be the fastest procedure that can be done in less than half an hour with no need of admission to a hospital.

Side effects:

The most common side effect of botox includes discomfort or slight bruising. However, it may result in severe side effects too such as swelling, headache, neck pain, fatigue, or even some sort of allergy. There are other reactions that are also reported such as disturbance in one’s vision or dry eyes. However, all of these side effects are temporary and disappear after a short while.


Where Botox is used to make the skin look firmer by reducing the lines, Restylane is mainly known as a filler injection. These injections have collagen, either extracted from animals or ones that come in a chemical form, which is hyaluronic acid (HA), commonly found in humans skin.

Unlike botox, these injections, when injected remove or fill these wrinkles. This makes the skin look smoother. Restylane injections target areas like eyebrows, areas under the eyes, make lips fuller and upper cheeks.

It also smoothes laugh lines between the nose and mouth, and highlight the profile in the area of the cheeks, jaw, and chin. Another important thing about Restylane is that it fills all other scars like those left by acne and pimples.

It also works on the shape of the nose. Restylane usually has an impact for more than 6 months. Its effects can last for up to nine months too.

Side effects:

Restylane doesn’t show much reaction to the skin and body. It exhibits minimal reactions like mild inflammation where the injection was injected. These symptoms don’t stay for a long period of time and go away quickly.

You may develop sores and they may have a higher chance of reoccurring. Furthermore, allergic reaction or infection may be some severe results. In the end, both the treatments are quite famous and have been done by many people around the globe.

These also show dramatic and prominent changes on the face. Among both, the injections Restylane is far more expensive and starts at least 1000 dollars. However, Botox is comparatively cheaper and may cost less than 100 dollars.

You can opt for either of the treatments but if any serious reaction occurs, it is best to contact a doctor as they may leave a longer impact or may indicate that the injection is not suitable for your skin.