Coffee is more than just a frothy mug of cappuccino or that black mug that helps you to kick-start your day with an incredible burst of energizing. The wide range of benefits that this element provides to the skin and hair are beyond marvel and will probably turn caffeine into your new best friend! No wonder Frank Body worked a profitable business with just coffee extract. So here goes the list of benefits that coffee poses for us:

  1. The Skin Brightening Elegance

Not only do coffee beans work to brighten your day but these can do wonders on your face too. A coffee scrub can help to prevent clogged pores, brighten skin, and soften lines. Owing to its tissue repair properties, coffee plays a critical role in regulating cell re-growth. At the same time, the acid in coffee provides exfoliation and helps to bolster the protective barrier of the skin such that the residence of viruses, bacteria, and fungi on your skin are shook. The end result is a fresher you.

  1. The Antioxidizing Charm

Many of us hold berries and other royal fruits like pomegranate as synonymous with antioxidants. What we do not know is that coffee is a rich source of antioxidants too. Free radicals from the environment are forever dedicated to wrecking havoc on your skin. The best potion to get rid of these little skin disaster-causing agents is an antioxidant punch. Coffee provides just that and perks up the body’s natural defenses alongside fighting premature aging of the skin due to light, heat, pollution, and damaging free radicals. A cherry on top is that there are studies that prove these advantages of the coffee queen by stating that coffee bean extracts are responsible for combating free radicals, resulting in skin cell energy preservation. This antioxidant face of coffee best come forth when its brewed.

  1. The De-puffing Grace

Those horrific, making-you-sick-in-the-knees swollen rounds around your eyes might probably drive you crazy one day because good sleep is just not the spell that can help you to get rid of the under-eye bags. There is light at the end of tunnel those and its spelled as C.A.F.F.E.I.N.E. How? What? Why? Let’s get to the point. The region underneath your eyes is a packed with the lymphatic channel that drains really poorly resulting in swelling. Once the coffee is put on the skin surface, it dehydrates that area and restricts blood flow to it. This helps to fix the swollen, dark circle conundrum

  1. The Hair Color Magnificence

For all those people who loathe having to paint their hair with chemicals for an added effect on a deeper color, coffee is the solution. In case you are a brunette, expresso can help you to live your passion for the deep tones in your hair within the boundary of keeping it natural. Coffee grounds’ paste made in water can be applied to freshly shampooed, damp hair that will add depth to your color. The plus point is that the acidity in coffee will help to smoothen the hair cuticle, giving it some extra shine too.

  1. The UV Damage Protection Army

UV rays are harmful, period. These can lead to complicating and even life-threating skin diseases. Coffee helps to protect your skin against the cruel UV carcinogens. A study backs this too. It confirms that caffeine inhibits DNA damage caused by the UV rays and as a result, protects the skin against the adverse effect of the sun damage. This option also holds a potential solution for non-melanoma skin cancer.