January 17, 2022

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The brightest comet of the year is approaching Earth: how to observe it?

Comet Leonard: Remember its name, because it will be spoken until December and the beginning of 2022. Discovered a year ago, it promises to be the comet of the year! How, when and where should this be noticed?

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[EN VIDÉO] What is a comet?
Where do they come from? How many are there? Their name comes from the Greek komêtês, which means “hairy”. In Japan, they are nicknamed the “Broom Stars”. There are many names that refer to their bodies that are very different from the stars that shine in the sky. Get to know them in the video!

C / 2021 A1 (Leonard), or simply put, The comet Leonard, visually, looks very promisingEye Naked for the next few days and weeks. Comes from The edge of the solar system, 3,500 times greater than the distance between the Earth சோலைல் AtAphelia, The star is now visiting a nearby place Rock planets, Especially two twins: Earth and Venus.

On December 13, C / 2021 A1 will be as close as possible to our planet, which is 35 million kilometers away. Six days later, on December 18-19, it will return Venus Welcome to its surroundings, this time we can talk about touching it because it only passes 4 million kilometers from its surface! We did not dare to imagine the view from there.

Then the comet will continue on its way Perihelion, His point Around the circular path Very close to the sun. It is exactly one year since it was discovered on January 3, 2022Astronomer Gregory J. Leonard – who naturally gave it its name – at the Mount Lemon Laboratory. C / 2021 A1 is about 92 million kilometers from our star (60% of the average Earth-Sun distance), which is a lot, and reduces the risk of its complete collapse. However, depending on the degree of snow and dust buildup at its center, it is always at risk of breaking during its voyage through the warmer part of the country. The Solar System. We hope this does not happen so that one can make more use of the scene he visited in the evening sky.

The Leonard comet may reach 4 on the Richter scale

Currently, scholars, including experienced amateur astronomers, argue that the comet Leonard can reach Size 5, or even 4, which will be visible to the naked eye on December 12th. However, because it is so Spreads And there is no such thing as a star or a planet at the right time, you need to distinguish it and double your focus. Also, we strongly advise you to arm yourself with a telescope to enjoy it. Or, of course, a Telescope If you have one (or someone). After that you can enjoy the beauty of its centerpiece Gas, Its hair and scars scattered across the planetary space opposite the sun.

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For weeks now, the comet has been followed by many amateur astronomers around the world Social Websites Photos of their hunt. Among the most beautiful and spectacular C / 2021 A1 galaxies displayed in front of, located in the background, millionsLight years Of the earth. In this regard, we will point out the site Virtual telescope Leonard meets comets on December 3 to meet and enjoy with all interested partiesSpherical cluster Messier 3 (M3), In the Bouvier constellation (Boats) Apparently, M3 is 35,000 light years away from us and the comet.

The Leonard comet is visible at the end of the night and then at the beginning of the night

In early December, the comet Leonard appears high in the sky in the second half of the nightDawn, Passes Dogs de Chasse au Bouvier, then Southeast. Its speed (254,000 km / h) made the spacecraft travel with great progress in relation to the “fixed” stars (which seem to us to be stationary). At night, the star loses altitude in the sky and approaches the horizon as it advances towards Earth. On December 9, he enters the constellation Cerpentarius and disappears from the sky at dawn on December 13. Twilight December 14. Then she will be in front Milky Way. Above the southwest horizon, you should look for it in the light of the setting sun.

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On the evening of December 16, you can enjoy it in front of Sagittarius. On December 17th and 18th, near the glow Venus. Opportunity to remember these beautiful garlandsWinter With will be enhanced by the alignment of our neighbors Saturn And Thursday. Also included Geminites, Very beautiful rainComets The comet is the peak activity of the year corresponding to the night at the shortest distance from Earth.

So, I can not recommend enough of you to go out and enjoy these beautiful sky shows in the heart of the longest nights of the year. By turning From, As always, at Light impurity, To enjoy all the stuff that fills the darkness. Comet Leonard is undoubtedly the comet of the year, and if its brightness continues to increase as advertised, you will have to wait 35,000 years to see it again if you miss it (according to its estimates). Orbital period)

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