Fans are completely hooked… already. And the movie is still quite a few months away.

Black Widow’s first teaser trailer came out some hours back and has everyone impressed. The movie seems promising, packed with some much-needed Marvel action and hopefully, some of the best pot twists in the history of the MCU.

It shows Natasha Romanoff thinking about her Avengers family and then moving back to Russia to solve some “unfinished business” alongside members of her clan. She addresses Florence Pugh’s character Yelena as her sister and joins a table that has David Harbour who’ll come on screen as the Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz who’ll play Malena.

The team will go up against a villain named the Taskmaster, whose identity has not been revealed yet. We’re not even expecting the movie makers to give out this bit as it may be a surprise held in the movie. Some are speculating that Malena will turn out to be the Taskmaster while others are wondering if underneath the mask there’d be, a rather familiar face. As in someone from the past Marvel movies.

If you’re a Marvel fan, we’re sure you’re also a part of the excited crowd that has been waiting for the Black Widow solo movie for years now. Agent Natasha from S.H.I.E.L.D has appeared in several MCU movies, but this will be the first one that would revolve around her.

For all those confused how come she’s gotten a movie after her death in Avengers: Endgame this year, know that this movie is set in the time that came after Civil War and before Infinity War. Not only will this film probably answer some questions that Marvel fans have, it will also set a base for the upcoming movies in the franchise.

Unfortunately, the ray of hope that Natasha Romanoff may be resurrected is too thin – but hopers can hope, no? Nat died in the last Avengers movie as she sacrificed her life for the soul stone. Fans didn’t like how Marvel killed her off not only because they love her character, but also because her death didn’t receive the respect it deserved.

Not to forget, if Captain America returned the soul stone, why didn’t Nat come back to life? A segment of fans thinks that Ironman would make an appearance in this movie too. He was very much alive and present, just like Cap, in the timeline that this movie will address.

Twitter is currently lit with praises for the trailer. Some are hopeful that some magical twist would bring Nat back while others are just happy to see that the trailer is live and full of promise.

One person wrote on Twitter, “This #BlackWidow trailer is everything! Freaking @DavidKHarbour is in it?! Just so ready to see him and Scarlett kill it! Just wow!” Another tweeted, “I didn’t cry over natasha’s death bc we all know she is very much alive idc #BlackWidow”



The Black Widow movie will be out in May 2020. Until then, let’s keep an eye on all the theories that stans put out there.