May 26, 2022

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The best smartwatches are not what you think

Connected watches are more and more powerful, but their limited autonomy prevents them from utilizing certain functions. Fortunately, there are alternatives and for most users they are adequate.

La OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch // Source: Arnaud Gelino – Frontroid

If we simplify the world too much Attached clocks, There are actually two types of tokens. On the one hand, many sophisticated watches, equipped with powerful processors with many applications installed, are used for everything and, above all, complete applications. These are important Samsung watches, Apple, Archeology Or TicWatch sous Wear OS, watchOS Or, before, Tyson.

On the other hand, we have more goofy watches, under RTOS or Harmonios, which simply tell you the time, record your physical activity and send you notifications.

On paper, the choice is simple: it is better to turn to sophisticated watches from Apple, Fossil, Samsung or Dikwatch. But in practice, it is clear that these watches are often much less practical than expected.

Powerful clocks, but limited autonomy

In fact, who says an advanced smartwatch is often a more powerful watch. Requires a highly efficient processor to manage third-party applications, various dials, and real-time health measurements, not to mention a fluid display on the watch screen. In root OS, Qualcomm also has a virtual monopoly with its processors Snapdragon T-shirt 3100, 4100 and 4100+.

The small size of the attached watches prevents the integration of the larger batteries, and you will get the main problem with these watches under Watch OS and Wire OS: their autonomy.

La Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

La Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic // Source: Frandroid

Google has improved with the update Wear OS 3, But Galaxy Watch4 And the Watch 4 Classic – the only watches that will benefit this time around – could not exceed two days of autonomy. A bad result even when the screen crashes As always Or continuous heart rate monitoring. However, I have to say that the root OS has come a long way with some earlier watches that could not work for more than a day.

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On the market leader’s side, the Apple Watch did not perform well. For him Series6 from last yearApple could not cross the whole day of use. For its part, the latest watch to date, TheApple Watch Series7, Similar battery life is encouraged with 18 hours. We can consider given the large screen, but the watch does not meet all its features as it is particularly narrow.

Sleep analysis functions … not used

By itself, what is the problem? You charge your smartphone well all night, so why bother doing this on your attached watch? Because, more and more, manufacturers are promoting advanced sleep monitoring functions. Apple’s WatchOS since last year, but this is the case for all manufacturers.

Now, all smartwatches can automatically analyze the time you sleep and wake up, but you can also distinguish between deep sleep, light sleep or REM sleep by analyzing different cycles. It is often only during these stages of sleep – when you move a little – that the clocks will constantly analyze Oxygen concentration in your blood.

Some watches even go so far as to analyze your breathing at night, for example to detect sleep apnea. Samsung gets even more vulnerable by recording your possible snoring stages, so you may hear yourself buzzing early in the morning.

Sleep analysis works on the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 // Sleep Analysis Works. Source: Apple

The problem is, you can see it clearly: if you charge your watch at night, you miss the opportunity to take advantage of these various functions related to the analysis of your sleep phases. However, it is the health data of the night that the manufacturers are advancing in the forced march. Apple also makes this point very clear on its website for the Apple Watch Series 7. “The Sleep Processor not only watches your nights. It also helps you set a regular time to reach your regular goals and go to bed at a specific time. It also monitors your breathing rate during sleep. Something to sleep on comfortably.

Applies to Samsung and its Galaxy Watch 4: “This feature detects and analyzes your sleep patterns while you relax. Advanced measurement options allow you to check your blood oxygen levels and snoring habits (we are not saying you snore)..

Sleep analysis works on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Sleep Analysis Works on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 // Source: Samsung

On the Apple side, to overcome this problem, we increased the charging speed of the Apple Watch Series 7, which should recover all its battery in an hour. In addition, the manufacturer indicates that an 8-minute charge makes it possible to ensure 8 hours of continuous sleep. But you still need to think about recharging it at a certain time every day, especially thinking about retrieving it once the payment is over.

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To see more clearly about the uses of attached watches, I asked on Twitter on what day people charge their attached watches. And the results are unclear.

Small question, for an article, if you have an Apple Watch or a root OS watch: What time of day do you charge?

– Jeffrey Hussein (Griffith) October 20, 2021

More than half of the respondents to this small survey – not claiming representation – indicate that they are charging their Apple Watch or their root OS watch overnight. A recharging period, so it loses the entire portion of the hygiene measures that are widely put forward by manufacturers.

Admittedly, there are usually some answers at night or in the morning, usually to ensure a good night’s sleep, but the answers to this are few and far between. The hours of the latest watches do not change that.

Stupid watches, but very autonomous

What is worrying is that in the face of its overpowering and particularly energy consuming watches, there are now plenty of watches paired with more autonomy. Watches, sep, designed by Hawaii OnePlus Or Fossil or Amasfit, which ensures more than a week of autonomy and health monitoring, as provided by Samsung.

Of course, we do not always have EKG, but these watches provide sleep monitoring, SPO2 measurement, heart rate monitoring and sometimes a built-in GPS to track the course of your workouts.

Hawaii Watch 3 Connected Watch Charger

Hawaii Watch 3 Charger // Source: Frontroid

So let’s not be childish ourselves, these watches are often less efficient than models Diwatch, Apple or Samsung. They do not allow the installation of third-party applications – or even a limited number – that generally do not provide music storage, do not allow the connection of Bluetooth headphones and generally can not be used without a smartphone. Connected via Bluetooth.

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Of these, we can almost assume that they are simple attached bracelets that provide only functional tracking, notification display and possible music controls. But for most users these watches will suffice.

Watches that monitor your activity and notify you of your announcements

A study conducted by CCS Insight in October 2018 (pdf) The most commonly used functions by smartwatch users are reported to be checking time, notifications and activity tracking. “People value functional updates, new messages and notifications for emails and incoming calls.”, The company noted.

However, all three functions are found in precisely these watches. “Stupid”, Amasfit, Hawaii or OnePlus. Sure, Apple Watch allows you to download more than 50 applications on your watch, but what applications are used daily, such as cooking pasta, consulting WhatsApp message or SMS or tracking workouts other than the timer?

Go to the rotating crown jeep z interface

Rotate Crown Go to Jeff Z Interface // Source: Frontroid

The advantage of these less powerful watches is that this gap becomes stronger when it comes to autonomy. The OnePlus watch was heavily criticized when it was launched, but it offers a weekly app. It’s the same Hawaii Watch3 When ‘Amosfit GTR3 Pro The screen I am testing now can work for four days As always And continuous heart rate monitoring and the manufacturer provides 12 days of autonomy.

In the end, these silly watches are not the best on the market, not the most powerful. For vocabulary The Dark Guard, These are not the watches we want, but the ones we deserve.