We all acted quite generously when the world entered the 21st century and all of us gave away pretty much everything we had in our wardrobes. The 90s fashion was fading away and we didn’t want to look outdated or less fashionable.

For the most part of our lives, we can say it safely, we have simply joked about how our parents dressed up back in the 90s. We would even complain our parents for styling us in those ridiculous ways.

But we are pretty sure that many people would be regretting all of that right now because the 90s fashion has made an ultimate comeback. The celebrities and models have revived the styles of the 90s and it has taken people with awe and inspiration.

Let us take you through a photo tour of how the 90s fashion has come back!

The Metallic Eyeshades

Back in the 90s, it was the pop stars who brought the trend of metallic eyeshades, especially silver and gold. Girls were amazed by the look of these celebrities at the concerts and fashion events where celebs would look like divas wearing those shiny and glittery shades. It didn’t take long when metallic eyeshades became an important feature of the evening party makeups.

Today, it seems like the trend has still managed to live through this era. The charm of metallic eye make-up hasn’t faded away until now and it still never fails to make the women look like a goddess, and stand out the crowd.

The Denim Jumpers Comeback

The 1990s was the first time when fashion industry introduced beautiful and adorable denim jumpsuits for girls and women. Pairing it with beautiful floral inners, the ladies simply rocked that style.

Today, the jumpers have also made an iconic return and with even sexier cuts and styles.

Leather Jackets are a Thing Once Again

Leather jackets were quite popular in the 1990s. Both men and women followed this trend religiously and it was a time when leather businesses had flourished a lot. Be it a daytime event or a concert in the evening, leather jackets were a must. It was a must-have item of the wardrobe.

We still remember photos of popular people cladded in blue jeans with beautiful leather jackets.

People who have been big fans of leather jackets since the 1990s, we have a good news for you. Leather jackets are in once again. But this time, the use isn’t just limited to pair it with jeans. Both men and women can wear it with almost any dress of their choice. The popular trend nowadays is wearing leather jackets over skirts and with short dresses.

Combat Boots go with Almost Anything

Combat boots are another famous trend of the 21st century. It was thought that this style wouldn’t last long but today we can see how well combat boots can go with almost anything. While men are not very much into combat shoes, today we are seeing women flaunting in these pairs of shoes with almost any dress of their choice. Wear it with jeans, skirt or a dress…combat shoes have that special thing that simply adds to one’s style and mode.

Bob and Bangs have made a Triumphant Return

Another amazing fashion trend from the 90s that the world is witnessing today it the hairstyles. Bob cuts and bangs were so popular back in the twentieth century, and even today these two styles have made a triumphant return. Drew Barrymore is considered the celebrity who premiered short bobs and bangs in the 90s fashion.

Floral Prints are Loved even Today

Floral prints were a huge attraction for the designers in the previous century and even today we can see how these silky floral prints are still making their way into the latest fashion trends.

The Chokers and Necklaces are Back

Remember those pretty chokers we didn’t leave the house without? Guess what! Those are back and they still look amazing. Despite being simple in appearance, the chokers and necklaces can still accentuate one’s looks.

The Trending Jelly Sandals

While in the 90s jelly shoes and sandals were meant only for little girls. But its popularity increased so much so that companies had to launch jelly sandals for women as well. Today, these adorable transparent shoes look as pretty as they used two decades ago.

Platforms and Double Decker

Platforms and double decker were the iconic shoe styles in the 1990s. Even today, the fashion of thick sole shoes continues and women can now choose from a bigger variety of designs. The companies are producing better and conceivable shapes and forms, as the trend of platforms seems ceaseless.

Dark Lipsticks become an Essential Once Again

It was the 1990s when celebrities stunned the audience with darkest shades of lipsticks. Dark maroon became the most endearing of essentials at that time. Today, the dark shades of lipsticks are making their place in the fashion industry once again as we see celebrities and models wearing maroon and dark brown lipsticks.