January 17, 2022

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That’s it, tablets are making their big comeback, but for how long?

After allowing itself to wither for years, the tablet market is making a strong resurgence and attracting more interest from brands other than Apple or Samsung. A good comeback, but there is no guarantee that it will last long.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE / Source: Frandroid

I don’t really see the point “When the first iPad was released in 2010, phrases like this were Legion Apple never let up And was able to impose its slates as a common everyday product. However, if we skip the Apple mark, everything seems to be going well, Tablet market Enjoyed the long interruption of the desert.

Users did not show much interest. Recently, however, the situation for tablets seems to have changed, with the sector rising slightly higher than in the past. We think that is particularly attractive Xiaomi Bat5 It was recently launched, almost stealing light IPod Mini 6 (2021). Even Samsung, whose products are often considered the best alternative to iPods, attempted an interesting attack: The Galaxy Tab S7 FE Trying to please with its premium features without charging the same rates as the premium segment.

So can we expect pills to become fashionable? We can answer this question for sure, but with small reservations.

The shelves are coming back to life

To justify strategic interest Introducing its Nokia T20 tablet, HMD presented a statement from ITC. The latter claims that the slate market has returned to growth for the first time since 2014 in the second quarter of 2020. After six dark years, business apathy is leading to thinning.

IPod Mini 6 (2021)

IPod Mini 6 (2021) // Source: Frontroid – Anthony Winner

As a sign, know it le Cabinet counterpoint Shared similar observations in the first quarter of 2021, citing 53% of tablet exports compared to the same period of the previous year – the market share is still more comfortable at 37% for Apple leader (as opposed to 20% for Samsung).

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The appeal of tablets gets steam, but should it be here?

Govt effect

Before knowing whether the growth of the tablet industry can be sustained over time, one must fully understand the factor that allowed it To promote Of the department. When the Govt-19 crisis was in full swing in 2020 – we lived in a one-year lock-in and curfew rate – many technological products performed better. Many people try to equip themselves to work and have more peace of mind. House. Tablets have been successful in exploiting this importance as demonstrated by the figures mentioned above.

Counterpoint Explains “Major tablet manufacturers increased production and exports in 2020 to meet increased demand“The company writes that Apple and Samsung.”This emerging market seems to have benefited from less competition. Many players in the tablet industry have previously reduced or shut down their operations[…] .

The stated ambitions of Siomi itchy hair – It already ranks 2nd globally in smartphones – Tend to prove that competition in the tablet market is becoming more intense now.

Bright days for pills, really?

The worst period of the epidemic crisis seems to be behind us as our communities (more or less) get used to living. Health Pass. In this regard, it is not unreasonable to imagine that demand will begin to decline again. Because people are less at home, they may try less to equip themselves. Moreover, from a marketing point of view, creating this demand is a risk that can be challenging for brands. For example it is much harder to invent something that comes with tablets and displays than smartphones.

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To appreciate the merits of a smartphone, a manufacturer will often highlight its camera. On the tablet, this is the most exemplary criterion – as long as the front camera ensures adequate quality for video calls. With the exception of the Pro or Semi Pro models, the Slates are not interested in looking for more extreme power Their SVoD series and pictures.

Xiaomi Pad 5 front view

Xiaomi Pad 5 Front View // Source: Frontroid

Autonomy, as long as it is right, will probably not be the most decisive criterion.A priorityWe mainly tend to use tablets at home or in stores fitted in stores. It is not uncommon to carry these types of products to the bar or during a hike in the evening.

So brands will definitely encourage purchasing in improving the screen quality and software. In the first case, the industry already offers high performance tiles at reasonable prices. While there is still room for improvement, many users are certainly very satisfied with the display quality of their latest tablets. Second, every consumer can expect at least two or three year updates to keep their device from lagging behind.

All of these components claim that users do not update their tablets as quickly as smartphones – and that it is good for the environment.

Fantasy world?

So, it may make more sense that most brands do not try to launch a new tablet every year. Let’s take the example of Siomi. Its Bat 5 already has strong value for money arguments to sell like hot cakes. So it has the potential to record good sales in the long run and avoid the brand rushing to release the potential Bat 6 next year.

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Admittedly, this is undoubtedly a utopian proposition considering the hysteria of the technology market and the economic models of companies. However, the problem remains true: the recovery of the tablet market is still only a fading bracket. To recapture the shape of this sector, it undoubtedly needs to be approached with a different approach from smartphones.