May 19, 2022

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Test: Ghostwire Tokyo is only the spirit of its promises

Generations of Japanese fiction – whatever their medium – have wreaked havoc on the streets of Tokyo. Kaiju, Zombie Invasion, Gang War, Natural Disasters, Royal of War Among its inhabitants: The skin of the island’s capital has been tanned for decades by more or less distant chaos. But, from memory, no one destroyed its people to reap its soul in order to unite our reality with the spirits. This is the catastrophic starting point Ghostwire Tokyo And Hanya’s Megalo-Machiavellian plan, a vicious character hidden behind a ghost mask, who, in order to achieve his end, wants to carry out a forbidden ritual by sacrificing the young Mary, the sister of the irresponsible hero of this story, Akito. After being chosen as the host by KK’s soul, Akito escapes this devastating harvest, except that a demon hunter decides to take Hanya out of his cloud and return his body to the souls of his fellow citizens. To save Tokyo and free Mary from the yoke of the torturer, Akito and Kake must try to get the audience together – the foot soldiers in Hanya’s service – to somehow live together despite their differences. From its premises, if this story does not have the opportunity to surprise us, we unfortunately expect too much from the crowd created by our allies. The moments of separation between the two boys and their compromises may have led to some interesting story climaxes or touches of cow humor. Dude movie. But their relationship really isn’t. A first less exploited energy and, as we shall see, not the last.

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