June 26, 2022

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Tesla will soon be offering Steam games in its car

Tesla is preparing to offer AAA video games in its car, with the latter gaining autonomy.

Many people do not buy electric cars yet because the charging time is longer than the time you spend at the gas pump with your thermal car. To make this waiting time as pleasant as possible, Tesla has been offering it for many years, often approaching half an hour on super fast charging. Games to entertain the driver At these moments of break at the edge of the roads.

Charge and pass the time

Technologies that reduce the electric car charging time as much as possible are still in their infancy. Especially with Ford, which is involved in the development of a very high voltage cableTesla relies on temporary solutions to better occupy the driver and make these break times as pleasant as possible.

Today, the preferred solution when charging your Tesla, if you want to stay in the cabin, is to play different and different games on the big center screen of the car. The latter already provides access to a much more comprehensive list, but according to Tesla, the company is set to make a real leap based on the list of games available in its car.

AAA games are directly on board

In fact, it was Elon Musk, the brand’s owner, who announced that he would like to integrate today’s games directly into the American company’s car on the most popular Steam platform. These resource-intensive games can run without much hassle on the latest versions of the Model S and Model X, both cars, in their best configuration, with the most powerful GPU and AMD’s latest processor.

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According to Elon Musk, these video games could arrive in the brand’s cars in a few years, especially if Tesla cars reach Stage 5, the last stage of the autonomous flow that does not require human assistance under any circumstances. Once this standard is reached, Tesla will be able to focus on the passenger experience and especially their hobbies. So, you can play the biggest games on the market at that time from your car, which will only take you from point A to point B.