After six years of sticking to the television screen and waiting for Stydia scenes, Teen Wolf finally came to an end about ten days ago. And with it came an end to us hooting whenever Lydia Martin made an entry and stunned us with her sass and style. Nope, let’s rewind that. Because Teen Wolf might have ended but our obsession with Lydia Martin, her forever fabulous outfits, spot on makeup, and chic hairstyles lives on. We aren’t ready to move on just yet.

Lydia started out as the mean queen of the show but later evolved into a mature version of herself. Her journey from being a pretend-bimbo to a proud genius while keeping her style game on point made all the nonsensical episodes of Teen Wolf worth watching. Truth be told, she wasn’t as impressive in season 1, with her mini dresses and aunty-like curls. She still stood out, though, with all that Allison Argent having zilch sense of style and being a potato. (Don’t get it wrong, we still adored Allison) Lydia transformed into a diva soon enough. After that, her attires were always trendy, and her hairstyles led us to uselessly YouTube videos of “how to get the Lydia Martin look?”

From loose strawberry blonde waves to half hair buns and braided bands, her hair was always done to perfection. Her mane always radiant and well, goals. Not in one episode was her make up messed up. The accessories and dresses she wore were always voguish. Heck, she took her look from ultramodern to vintage with such ease! Her lip colors always went with the rest her of her look. Her eye makeup always on fleek. Lydia had a thing for styles after all! (pun intended)

Teen Wolf is Over but We’ll Forever Look up to Lydia Martin for Style Inspiration

If we could ever enter the world of Teen Wolf and interview Lydia, the first question we would ask would be who is her ideal when it comes to fashion? Because she was/is surely ours. She had this way of carrying herself, this air of confidence about her. Her floral tees, skinny jeans, and statement accessories always went together. The only scenes when her fashion game wasn’t top-notch were those in which she was hospitalized or held captive.

With the changing seasons, we saw a change in Lydia’s hair color and haircut as well. She mostly went with long locks cut into layers that framed her pretty face. Love the way she walked with sky-high heels on like they are just a pair of flip-flops. If you aren’t that girly then you could take some style pointers from Malia. That girl had some seriously cool laidback style. Malia didn’t ever need to put in any work into looking stunning, her look was always effortless. Flannel button-down shirts with jean shorts? COOL. Her hair always messy and cute, along with being steezy and her blush-on smoothly done.

But since now Teen Wolf is gone for good we’ll have to rely on Pinterest to fetch pictures of Lydia Martin for inspiration from time to time. You know that feeling when a show you’ve been watching since quite a long while ends? Like your life is useless and you have no direction anymore? Yep, still suffering from the post-tv-series-just-ended crisis. Here is to hoping Holland Roden gets a role in any new major hit TV series and blesses us all with a dose of style inspo once in a week soon again.