As children almost all of us envied the Snow White’s stepmother for possessing the coolest mirror in the world. Secretly, each and every one wished upon a mirror that talked back, measured our beauty standards and offered sane useful advice (anything other than the pretty one’s murder with poisoned apples).

Unfortunately, magic is a myth and our lives are not based upon a fairytale. However, thanks to technology, the mirror and fashion industry both have undergone a major makeover this year. This stemmed in creation of cutting edge mirrors that full fill the needs of the user beyond imagination. 2017 technological innovations made magic look backward.

Taiwan based entrepreneur, Mr. Simon Shen invented ‘HiMirror’ to satisfy his wife’s struggle for perfection. In trying to win over his spouse’s heart, Mr. Simon had no idea that he has revolutionized the mirror and fashion industry. HiMirror is debuted as the best and most engaging smart mirror in the world. The two variants are available in the market: HiMirror Classic and HiMirror Plus. It is regarded as the personal and finest home based beauty consultant by the researchers. It is an expert at conducting a deep analysis of the skin of the person standing before it. It thoroughly explores the complexion, pores, black heads, white heads, soreness, clarity, fine lines, red spots and wrinkles as well.

Drum roll please? The real magic of the HiMirror lies in the fact that it talks back and offers unlimited advice to make the skin look better. The cutting edge technology installed within aids the mirror in identifying the focal skin problem areas. HiMirror relies on the power of well researched data.

By collecting analytics from all over the world on skin conditions and skincare products that actually work, HiMirror harnesses the power of Big Data to develop the very best in custom-built skincare routines and skincare tips. Moreover, it recommends the most suitable products based on the skin type and also offers remedies to fix the existing flaws.

HiMirrors historical tracking system allows the user to keep record of the progress. The mirror records the current condition of the skin and lets the user compare the skin tone later on. This also facilitates the user in analyzing the products that may or may not have aided in improving the skin tone easily. Above all, HiMirror comes with a built in security system because privacy of the user is treated as the utmost priority. The camera can only be activated with user’s security key.

Seeing the trend of ‘magical mirrors’ many other huge cooperate giants have joined the bandwagon and the competition in fashionable mirror industry has escalated. Recently, Samsung launched a more innovative version of a technological mirror by the name of ‘Samsung S Skin’. This product goes a bit further than HiMirror by offering skin treatments with LED and micro needle patches.

Furthermore, a lot of other companies are coming up with the concept of interactive mirrors at an affordable price. Therefore the competition is increasing and it is also adding different variants in the market. The consumer has a lot of options and price ranges to choose from.

In a nutshell, the mirrors speak the truth. The evil queen summoned the mirror to tell her that she was the fairest of them all. However, the miracle mirror’s offer nothing but brutal honestly and are actually striving to make the users look better. So, if you are looking for a soul mate who points out your flaws, helps in boasting your self-esteem and confidence – keeps your flaws to itself – you need to get out right now and bless yourself with a technological mirror!