Our Team

Lindsay Cooper – Editor-in-Chief
Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. She started out as an intern at a major local newspaper in Texas slowly climbing the ladder to reach the higher echelons as editor of various online news portals before joining Herald of Fashion as Editor-in-Chief. You can reach her at editor@heraldoffashion.com

Stephanie Thompson – Contributor
Stephanie loves attending fashion shows around the world and after starting out and experiencing the world of freelance fashion journalism, she decided to settle in at a publication that nurtures her capabilities and skills and fulfills her wishes of traveling around the world. You can reach her at stephanie@heraldoffashion.com

Lynn Crosbie – Contributor
Lynn is a budding journalist fresh out of college and getting her head around the fast-paced world of online journalism. She has a keen interest in the latest updates from the world of fashion, beauty, and fitness. You can reach her at lynn@heraldoffashion.com

Masooma Memon – Contributor 
A shopaholic at heart and an avid reader, Masooma is a freelance writer who loves to watch out for the latest trends and makeup items that swamp the stores. Additionally, she is a lover of beautiful prose and brews stories instead of coffee. She has two published short stories named Blues and The Alliance of Al Vertia. You can reach her at masooma@heraldoffashion.com

Alafiya Memon – Contributor
Addicted to good novels and 7UP. Fangirling and doodling her way through life. Alafiya likes keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends. Dreams big and writes melancholic poetry too. On an average day, you’ll find her procrastinating and being weird. You can reach her at alafiya@heraldoffashion.com

Rabia Abbas Malik – Contributor
Rabia has a knack for creative writing and enjoys reading about the latest fashion trends. Loves traveling and keeping a journal. She has a Masters in International Marketing and Business Management. A news enthusiast who has won Aspiring Reporters and Media Anchors Award at a national level during her studies. Her interests have compelled her to opt for freelance journalism. You can reach her at ram@heraldoffashion.com