There are some things that you cannot take back; just like the words said on a dark night, in an angry tone. Dramatic but true. Things like permanent tattoos and bad choices made in a sleepy stupor. Talking about tattoos remember the last gross tattoo you saw? Maybe you saw it sketched on someone else’s skin or perhaps you have one as a stark reminder of your once idiotic self.

Tattoos are like that; you must never make a mistake or get one just because someone dared you to. Getting a tattoo is a serious matter, you must think about it hard before you rush to get one. You decide to get an ugly tattoo, you hold the responsibility of having it inked on your skin forever and ever and ever. No magic can erase a blunder like that.

These days we have some particular tattoo styles trending. You can shape your ideas and thoughts in one of these to reflect your inner hipster self along with the deep meaning behind the inky pattern.

Minimalistic designs

Neat and thin lines are a Tumblr favorite this year. Just a minimal pattern which says more than strangers can fathom is the new cool. A simple tattoo holds more aesthetic appeal along with chic vibes. In the long-run, such designs tend to not instill pangs of regret and that is perhaps what makes them a better and more sensible idea.

Floral sketch

Flowery patterns are totally in vogue and we think this tattoo trend would run straight into 2018 as well. You can get a minimal botanical design etched onto your skin in colorful shades or just go for traditional black.

Single line aesthetics 

Artists including Mo Ganji have fueled the trend of single line tattoos without breaks or cuts. The look is clean and like the hand-drawn minimalistic designs discussed above, these too don’t bring along any future guilt.

Cursive words

While getting names, dates, quotes, words or numbers drawn on the skin is nothing new, this year is all about getting a script written on your body in an elaborate cursive font. Not only does this trend let people speak their heart out but it is also classy.

Thick lines

Line tattoos are surely dominating the trends in different forms one of them being heavy lines that aren’t shaded. Earlier in the year, Halsey got a classy thick lined tattoo minus shading or any extra details. Just a feminine design that pays tribute to both delicacy and toughness.

Red art

Crimson ink is the new trend. The look is different on all complexions. Bright and beautiful on some while on others it looks intense. If you think black is too mainstream, red is the color for you.

Hip patterns

Nothing like a tattoo on flesh that won’t hurt like hell. Kylie Jenner got a tattoo this year on her side hip with sanity spelled phonetically. And since Kylie has, of course, the world has got to follow. Even if you want to hide the tattoo, you can easily do so.

Inner arm tattoo

Another tattoo trend spinning in circles in the fashion community is the inner arm tattoo. Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Katie Parry have all got their upper inner arms inked in a nifty design. This tattoo also gives you the choice of hiding the tattoo or revealing it teasingly. Steezy, isn’t it?